What they said: John Huh

April 22, 2012
PGA TOUR staff

MORE INTERVIEWS: Valero Texas Open transcript archive DOUG MILNE: All right. John Huh. Let's take you back to making the turn Thursday.


DOUG MILNE: Did you ever imagine that you would be sitting in here right now having finished tied for 2nd at the Valero Texas Open?

JOHN HUH: Absolutely not. You know, after 9 holes I was 8 over, I believe, and it was so bad, I was spinning over there after 9 holes.

DOUG MILNE: Obvious question is, what happened? What changed?

JOHN HUH: You know, first hole I hit a good drive, good second shot, give myself a short shot and, you know, I wasn't really ready for this golf course at that point because I only had a one round to go. So, I guess I can blame that, I didn't play practice -- I did but I didn't know the golf course too well.

DOUG MILNE: Okay. With that we'll go ahead and open up for some questions.

Q. John, you had on 15, you had the horseshoe come out and on 17 you had hit the lip and the greens were kind of diabolical today for a lot of players.

Can you talk about how close you feel like you came today??

JOHN HUH: You know, before the final round started I was five shots back, I believe. Yeah, I was five shots back. That's five. It's pretty big gap.

I didn't really expect too much, final round. All I have to do is play my game, give myself a good chance and I did it really well and Ben did it really well, too. So, I think that 15 was kind of big one right now.

Q. Are you frustrated at all just the fact that you were -- you had it in the cup a couple times, just didn't fall for you??

JOHN HUH: Little bit but, you know, that how golf is. You don't really do that all the time, you know. Sometimes you make a mistake, sometimes you make a putt. You have to move on, you know.

Q. John, I mean golfers look at what happened but big picture, you got to be really proud of yourself. You didn't give up, you didn't cash it in.

I mean you kept fighting.

JOHN HUH: Yeah. After 3rd hole I was 4-over -- I'm sorry, I was 5-over after 3rd hole first round and I was actually going to withdraw but I telling myself, "Don't give up, you got a lot of golf left" and here I am.

Q. Was withdrawal, were you thinking about because you weren't playing well??

JOHN HUH: No, because my wrist was kind of hurt and I was getting ready for this tournament and, unfortunately, the number wasn't that great.

Q. What did you hit into 16 and did you take that aggressive a line??

JOHN HUH: The par 3?

Q. Yes, over the bunker.

JOHN HUH: You know, it was perfect for my 7-iron especially the wind was helping and I was aiming a little left. Wind just took it a little more, I guess and hit a great shot. Just didn't -- kind of didn't spin and release so --

Q. Could you talk about watching Ben Curtis down the stretch? Obviously he hasn't won in awhile but hit just a monster putt back on 17 and, of course, the birdie at 18.

I guess even as a fellow competitor do you appreciate watching guys hit clutch shots like that at the end of a tournament??

JOHN HUH: Absolutely, especially 17. I think hit a little thin on his second shot and you know I told myself like wow, that's pretty big mistake right there and he just pitch it -- he didn't really pitch it too close but he make the putt. I think that's the clutch part right there, 17.

Q. Down the stretch, all three of you guys were in contention. Did it get more tense as you guys moved toward 18??

JOHN HUH: Not really. I mean I was like -- I have -- I need -- I know what I need to do, he know what he need to do. All we have to do is just hit a shot and take it.

Q. John, what do you think of this golf course now in retrospect? Obviously lot of players talked about how difficult it is, certainly off the fairways and the greens.

What's your overall view of it at this point??

JOHN HUH: This course is tough, especially if the wind blows, I think the one of the hardest golf course I play this year and just the green make it so tough because if you're off by like half yard, you're just off the green and give yourself a sore shot.

Tee to green is hard. The green part is the hardest.

Q. You won on a course designed by Greg Norman and this place was designed by Greg Norman.

JOHN HUH: I didn't know that. Okay.

Q. They don't look alike do they? You do pretty well on Greg Norman courses.

JOHN HUH: I better thank him.

DOUG MILNE: Okay. Well, John, congratulations on turning it around like you did, fantastic finish. We appreciate your time.

JOHN HUH: Thank you.