What they said: Matt Kuchar

April 21, 2012
PGA TOUR staff

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Q. Matt, you tee off. You par 10, bogey the 11th and rip off six birdies.

MATT KUCHAR: Another good day. I actually played really well yesterday. I shot 4-over yesterday. Yesterday was such a difficult day. I felt like I've been on the good side of the draw most of this year and just unfortunately got on the bad side of the draw this week, but playing some good golf.

I had that funny bogey on 11. Seems to me that some of the downwind holes play every bit as hard as into the wind balls. Trying to get balls to stop on greens is really tricky. 5-under today was a great round of golf.

Q. You came here because you watched the tournament last year on TV. Looked like it was fun. I was watching you play yesterday afternoon. I wonder if you still think it's fun out here.

MATT KUCHAR: It's fun. It looks like it was going to fit my game well. I still think this place fits my game. It's a mean, hard golf course but I think my game is suited pretty well for driving the ball in the fairway, hitting balls on greens and not making big numbers that lurk around every hole.

Q. You had putting being rounds of 30, 34 and 23 here in the 3rd round.

MATT KUCHAR: Yesterday with the wind blowing 20 to 30 miles an hour putting becomes a big challenge. So, I thought I putted fairly well yesterday. It's just I walked off one green and said, "Boy, I haven't had just a tap-in par in a long time."

Seems like you get a 20-footer birdie and have to struggle over a 4, 5-footer to come back every hole. Today, was much nicer.

Today the wind wasn't quite as gusty as yesterday and take advantage of it.

Q. I know this golf course you really have to have patience. I think you have that going into Sunday.

MATT KUCHAR: I do. Golf is a lot more fun when you have a chance on Sunday. I put myself in position. Maybe a long shot but at least a chance.