What they said: Matt Every

April 21, 2012
PGA TOUR staff

MORE INTERVIEWS: Valero Texas Open transcript archive Q. How would you describe your play today??

MATT EVERY: It was pretty scrappy.

Q. Yes, it was.

MATT EVERY: Yeah. But, you know, I hung in there. 1 over is not really that bad out here today especially if you're not hitting it well. I didn't hit it very good today.

But, maybe, that's my bad round and I get it out of the way without checking myself out of the tournament: Missed a few putts here and there but, overall, not bad. I have a chance to win.

Q. You're in great shape. I thought you showed a lot of moxie there in 18. Up and down from a tough spot.

MATT EVERY: Yeah, it was. I was probably better off in the bunker. You get on wrong side of some of the humps, you've got no chance. That was probably the longest putt of the day I made right there. I made a ton of putts on Thursday, probably took them all for the week.

Q. You did, but tomorrow now is a new day. They're saying the wind will be more normal tomorrow. What do you think now about tomorrow??

MATT EVERY: Every time I play here the wind is blowing like this except for Thursday, so I don't know what normal means. Normal direction?

Q. Normal direction.

MATT EVERY: South more?

Q. Yeah.

MATT EVERY: As long as it blows all day and half the field doesn't get the day off like yesterday. It's Mother Nature, so, you can't really help it.