What they said: Matt Kuchar

April 19, 2012
PGA TOUR staff

MORE INTERVIEWS: Valero Texas Open transcript archive Q. What was the key, because 2-under here is solid??

MATT KUCHAR: Yeah, it was good playing. I was pretty pleased. This course is difficult. Getting off in the morning, the conditions were real calm and played the back-9 which I think is the easier 9, so able to make a few birdies on the back-9.

Got going on the front-9 and went out, it's really, really demanding, really tough. Hit a couple straight drives but a lot of good shots. Just the one straight drive on 9, had to chip out and nearly saved a par.

Q. 2-under is good playing. I know you've been working hard on your putting. You had 30 putts today. Are you pleased with that portion of your game??

MATT KUCHAR: Yeah. 30 doesn't sound real good but I think I hit it better than -- hit a fair number of greens. Really happy with my putting.

Q. People don't realize how tough these greens are.

MATT KUCHAR: Not only the greens tough, the driving is tough, the slopes around the greens. If you miss a green it's really just a tough up and down. Yeah, I'm very pleased.

Q. I followed you for years even when you were in college. You had that unusual thing when you drive the ball, you lift the face off the ground about an inch off the ground. Not many people do that. Why do you do that??

MATT KUCHAR: I remember Greg Norman doing it and gave it a try. You emulate all these guys on TV.

Q. It's unusual to do it. Doesn't seem to bother you at all.

MATT KUCHAR: It's my trigger to help get going.