What they said: Fredrik Jacobson

April 19, 2012
PGA TOUR staff

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Q. This is a place where you're comfortable. You're comfortable on a course, do you play comfortable, something different as far as your swing patterns when you're in a place that you feel comfortable??

FREDRIK JACOBSON: I have a lot of good memories. You know, you hit a lot of good shots, you know. Obviously I've hit good shots on most holes around the course. You can probably remember it from most memories. I remember how the ball feeds to the pins. Lot of pocket golf here.

Q. Do you feel --

FREDRIK JACOBSON:You still have to hit the shots. I still feel it's a very challenging course but it requires a lot. There's no room for relaxing out on this course.

Q. Now, you want to close the deal though and this is a place you played so well at. Do you feel any kind of like okay, this is a place where I should finish this off and win this thing??

FREDRIK JACOBSON: Well, it doesn't quite work like that. That would be a situation if you were leading by a few on Sunday you probably feel that way but on a Thursday, and halfway through a Thursday, I don't look at it that way. I just see where my game is at and nice to play a solid round. I'll take that with me.

Q. You don't allow yourself expectation, per se, that this is a place where I can win at.

FREDRIK JACOBSON: I just try to, you know, go about the process rather than focus about the results. You know, you need to go through it and have the right focus on each and every shot on a course like this.

You can't afford to be jumping ahead too far. Got to stay in the moment. Lot of times you want to win the tournament on a Thursday but it just doesn't work that way. You got to do it moment for moment and allow yourself to stay free out there.

Q. How did you feel about your game coming in this week??

FREDRIK JACOBSON: I felt good. I've been driving it really well from Bay Hill, I guess, and Hilton Head I was hitting it well for most of the week.

So, you know, I did have a few good ball striking weeks and we kept working on it. That part has been feeling really good. I feel my putting has been a little better the last few weeks. You know, you got to go out and put it together.

Q. You mentioned how challenging the course is. You've always done well here in previous years. Is this why you keep coming back in spite of the challenges??

FREDRIK JACOBSON: I like it here. This is also one of the nicest resorts we stay at all year. I think it's a beautiful place. We're off in the middle of nowhere. It's very relaxing. Well, not in the middle of nowhere. You know what I mean. It's from the big city.

I like it. It's nice and quiet. This morning was beautiful to get up early, you know, lots of birds around. You got a nice gym, good food, good place to stay. Walk down to the tee. Just a nice relaxing week.