What they said: Zach Johnson

April 15, 2012
PGA TOUR staff

MORE INTERVIEWS: RBC Heritage transcript archive Q. The birdie at 2, the birdie at 4, you had that eagle putt rolling at 5. You must think, here we go. And the putts stopped and everything else did.

ZACH JOHNSON: Yes. I didn't putt that bad. I actually made some putts on the back nine that I think were pretty crucial. I'm certainly not going to put anything on my putter. My putter was awesome. I didn't hit it great specifically on the back nine. A couple of wayward tee shots on the left, I'm not sure where they came from, but I'll figure it out. All in all it was a good week.

Q. You played great today overall. Tell me about the shot at 16. John McGuinness and I were trying to figure out what you were going to do. I know how to hit that shot because I do it all the time. Tell me you practice that shot.

ZACH JOHNSON: Well, you have to practice. If you hit it in trouble, you have to a little 5 iron, I was trying to hit it to the right grandstand and turn it. If it hooked a little bit, great, which it did, it turned a little bit in the air and rolled on the sand and scooted out of there. I was trying to hit it 20 yards right of the green. If it stayed in the trap, it wouldn't have been that big of a deal. It actually came out right where I would have anticipated.

Q. But it was a great second, an imaginative second??

ZACH JOHNSON: Sometimes you have to do that. It wasn't exactly where I wanted to be.

Q. This old lady only played 6,900 yards today and only played 6,800 on Friday, and you guys were over par. She can still defend, can't she??

ZACH JOHNSON: Yes, she's a lot of defense, there's no question about it. It's a course where you've got to be very, very precise. You have to hit a true trajectory, you have to control your spin. You have to hit it right to left and left to right. What the course does is separate the field, and the one that rises to the top is the one that plays the best. There's no question in my mind that Carl played the best.

Q. Been a long day for you, thanks so much for your time. I know you were out here for the sunrise service here this morning. Thanks for that and being here this week.

ZACH JOHNSON: I love this place.

Q. So Zach, just talk about your final round today.

ZACH JOHNSON: There was a lot of positives. There were a couple of bumps along the road, but a lot of positives. Certainly some things that I can learn from and grow from. And I think overall I'm going to use this and hopefully build some confidence with it, and take it the rest of the year.

Q. How would you compare the conditions today to the other days??

ZACH JOHNSON: It was fairly similar. I think Friday was probably the most benign day as far as the wind goes. This course doesn't need wind to be hard. But when you incorporate some wind and these trees, you never know what's going to happen. It's very difficult. She's a great test. And I love coming back.