What they said: Boo Weekley

April 14, 2012
PGA TOUR staff

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Q. 1 under par, 70. Another stunning performance here at Harbour Town??

BOO WEEKLEY: I don't know, I love this atmosphere. The golf course is in good shape. The greens are firm. The greens are fast. It's one of the places I feel like at home.

Q. Did you feel like the opportunities on the greens didn't come your way??

BOO WEEKLEY: I just didn't hit it as good as I did yesterday. I felt like I hit it like I did the first day. I was in between a lot of clubs out there today. It just wasn't going my way. And so when it goes like that, the main thing is you're playing defense the whole time, and that's what I felt like I did.

Q. The good thing is you haven't played yourself out of the championship. You are a two-time winner here at Harbour Town, can you make it three tomorrow??

BOO WEEKLEY: It would be fun to make it three. My main thing is get it on the greens and give myself an opportunity. I didn't give myself a lot of opportunities here today. I missed a few short putts on the front side that knocked the momentum out of me. Like I said, I played defense all day.

Q. The good news is that you're starting to make your way back. I know you had struggles last year with your shoulder. But you had that top three in Puerto Rico, did well in Houston. The ball is rolling your way, isn't it??

BOO WEEKLEY: It's getting there. I'm working hard at it. I got a new caddie; got Scott Hamilton, and got John Connelly on my bag now. And the good thing, as long as you surround yourself with good people, good things are going to happen sooner or later.

Q. Just comment for us again on your round today.

BOO WEEKLEY: Like I said, I started out good. I got it to 2 under early in the round, par 5, you know, and just had a little missed a little short putt on 7. It was a makeable putt. And on 8 I did the same thing, just had a spike mark, just bumped it out of the way. That's just part of the rough of the greens. That's just part of it. I'm going to come out tomorrow and see if I can keep myself in contention and give myself some opportunities.

Q. You've won twice here, obviously. Once you went into the final round with the lead and once you didn't. How important is it that??

BOO WEEKLEY: You know, it's tough out there. Carl Pettersson is not making it look like it's tough. It's a tough golf course. The greens are firm. The wind is blowing a little bit here and there. It's tricky a little bit. It's very important to come into the golf tournament with a lead. No matter what golf course you're at, you're playing good enough to keep the lead and go out and play.

Q. Can you talk about what's happened with the injuries??

BOO WEEKLEY: I hurt myself in '09. And at TPC and I've been struggling with it, kind of scared to go off after the ball a little bit as the years have gone on. I lost confidence and focus on what my goals were I was trying to reach. And all of a sudden I'm back to healthy again, and I'm ready to reach back and get my goals forward in front of me and strive forward. That's what's showing now.

I worked a little bit this winter, not a whole lot, but I worked a little more than I normally do in the winter times, just to get myself back to where I felt like I can compete again. I'm giving myself a little confidence, gives me a boost that I can go out and compete again.

Q. What was the turning point that made you think, I need to make changes and do these things??

BOO WEEKLEY: It was last year. Me and my caddie Joe kind of split ways, and he wanted to go try something new, and I don't blame him. I was struggling, and I wasn't making any money. And he had kids to feed. So I knew right then I needed to start changing things, needed to start changing things in my game, the attitude and the whole nine yards. That's what I did this winter.