What they said: Colt Knost

April 14, 2012
PGA TOUR staff

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JOHN BUSH: We'd like to welcome Colt Knost into the interview room. Wild start to the round. Comment overall on your day.

COLT KNOST: A little nervous and a little tight starting out. Pretty poor tee shot, made a bogey, but bounced right back on the next. And just really didn't have my swing all day today. I was a little off out there. I thought I hit better towards the end of the day. My putter kept me in it and scrambled pretty well. I got a chance going into tomorrow and I'm excited.

Q. When Carl made a nice early run, five birdies, what's going through your mind? How do you try to counter that?

COLT KNOST: When he made the one on 6, I guess I just smiled. He hit it way left on 2 and it got lucky, and ended up making a birdie. Hit a couple squirrelly ones and made some birdies. I can't control that. I told myself not to worry and don't waste my energy on that. Just keep doing what you're doing. I was under par, myself. I was just trying to hang out there. I knew I had a long ways to go. If he kept doing what he was doing, then he was going to run away with it. I hung in there well today and I'm proud of that.

Q. How much did it help making eagle??

COLT KNOST: That was big. It settled me down little bit. Like I said, I was nervous starting out. And I hit three really good shots on 2 and made eagle. Unfortunately gave one back with a bogey on the next hole, but it's playing so tough with that new tee.

After that I settled down. Like I said, I didn't hit it that well. I was a little bit out of sync today. I think it was a little bit of nerves. I'm going to try to figure it out on the range here in a second. I felt like I didn't have my best. If I get it figured out, I'll have a good chance tomorrow.

Q. How well do you know Carl? And have you spent a lot of time with him?

COLT KNOST: This is the third year I've played with Carl four or five times. And we get along great. And it's nice to have somebody to talk to, the whole way around. We're chatting the whole way. It's fun, I enjoy playing with him. I'm glad I get to play with him again tomorrow.

Q. Go ahead and talk about that eagle putt from off the fringe, how long it was, how tough it was. I'm sure you're planning on making it.

COLT KNOST: No, I mean, I hit a good shot. I hit a 5 wood in there from 232 or something like that. Just got to keep it left there. And I think it was probably 40 feet, I have no idea. But it was one of those ones I was trying to lag up there close. And it looked good the whole way. It went right in the middle. It was kind of a bonus.

Q. Did your caddie or anybody say anything??

COLT KNOST: He said, "There you go. Let's settle down and get it going a little bit."

Q. Did you think it was getting away from you after 10 when there was that three shot separation??

COLT KNOST: No, not really. I hit a great drive off 10, and hit a really poor iron shot. I heard his caddie and them talking about what they were hitting into the green. He was about 15 yards behind me, and I couldn't believe it because I was hitting one more club. I just didn't commit to it and hit a really poor shot. I hit a good putt honestly for par. I hit a spike mark and caught the left lip.

There was a long ways to go. I've been playing the back nine really well this week. I think I'm 5 under on the back nine. I knew I was going to have plenty of chances coming in. I loved the way I was putting it. I knew I had to hit a few iron shots close.

Q. This is probably the closest you've been to a victory. A long way to go and so forth. I won't ask you what it means, but want to ask you how much fun you're having being in the chase here??

COLT KNOST: Yeah, my biggest goal today was to stay relaxed and enjoy it. I've been in the last group a couple of times, and I put so much pressure on myself to play well that I played horribly and I didn't enjoy it. Today I felt like I didn't let anything bother me. I caught a couple of bad breaks, but I hung in well. I hit that putt on the last hole and I thought I made it and kind of smiled about it. Carl's caddie gave me a little comment, that was probably inappropriate. It made me laugh and I enjoyed it. I'm going to try tomorrow to have fun. Like I told them, no matter what happens tomorrow, I'm learning a lot this week, and I feel like I can put myself in position again.

Q. If you were nervous today, without the tournament being on the line, how nervous do you think you're going to be tomorrow? And what will you do to get yourself calmed down before the first tee shot?

COLT KNOST: If you're not nervous on the first tee on the weekend then it doesn't mean much. There's a lot on the line tomorrow, I'm going to be just as nervous, but I notice I can handle it now. I've won tournaments before, obviously not at this level. And I've been nervous, and you've got to get through the first, early stage. And then settle in and play golf. And I've been working really hard on the mental part of my game. And it's getting a lot better.

Q. (Inaudible.)

COLT KNOST: Obviously this is the first time since I've been working with Neil that I've had a chance going in. But we're going to talk tonight, I'm sure. We talked last night. He said there's going to be bumps in the road, you've got to learn how to handle them. And I handled them really well. I could have got rattled pretty easy after that start, I hit about 190 off the first tee today. But like I said I'm really proud of the way I hung in.

Q. You have a monster watch on, what kind is it??

COLT KNOST: Everyone asks me that. It's called a Brera, I got it in New York at Barney's. I don't know. Something kind of different, kind of cool. Gets a lot of response.

JOHN BUSH: Good luck tomorrow.