What they said: Carl Pettersson

April 13, 2012
PGA TOUR staff

MORE INTERVIEWS: RBC Heritage transcript archive Q. You said in an interview that you like difficult golf courses. Why do you like these difficult courses??

CARL PETTERSSON: I think par means something and I'm playing well. I'm coming off a good finish in Houston. I had a nice round today and I'm looking forward to the weekend.

Q. What is paramount that you must do on this golf course to remain consistent and be in contention come Sunday afternoon??

CARL PETTERSSON: You get a penalty playing off the tee, but if you don't, you've got to make sure you put the second shot where you can get it up and down. Driving is important, but I think the second shot, being able to shape irons, left to right, right to left, helps. And I've been able to do that so far this week.

Q. Great 65, keep it going.


Q. (Inaudible.)

CARL PETTERSSON: I love this golf course. I've been coming here ten years. I've had some good finishes. I've also missed the cut. But it's a great golf course, I really enjoy playing it. It's probably my favorite one of the year. I'm always happy to come back here and play.

Q. You're in good position at 7-under. How does it look for you the rest of the way??

CARL PETTERSSON: Yeah, I've still got a long way to go. My game is good. In golf you still have two days, which is a long way to go in golf. I'm just happy to be playing well and hopefully have a chance on the weekend.

Q. You have Sunday conditions during the week already. Do you like that??

CARL PETTERSSON: I think so. It makes this course play even better. It's firm. It's fast. We got lucky with playing yesterday and early today, we didn't get much wind. But I was lucky to take advantage of that. And it will be even tougher on the weekend. I look forward to that challenge.

Q. You've won on even longer courses. Does this course suit your eye??

CARL PETTERSSON: I think so. I've done well here before, I think I've got a third and fifth place finish here. I really love playing here. I'm really excited to be able to do that.

Q. (Inaudible.)

CARL PETTERSSON: I'm feeling good right now. I'm enjoying playing. This is my favorite tournament of the year. So I'm excited to play well, and I always enjoy coming here.

Q. How hard was it (inaudible.)

CARL PETTERSSON: It was pretty tough. After leaving the putt short to tie. I played great in Houston. I have no regrets. I was happy the way I played.

Q. You hung in there, and you've been playing well. Are you okay with playing well or do you need to pick up that next (inaudible.)

CARL PETTERSSON: You always want to win. But it certainly is nice to be right on top of my game. You obviously want to win, but all you can do is give yourself a chance.

Q. So what's working for you right now? Obviously this is a totally different golf course than Houston.

CARL PETTERSSON: I've been driving the ball good for a couple of years and my iron game hasn't been as sharp. But the last few weeks my irons have been really good. And I'm putting pretty good. I finished up with two great iron shots today. 17 I hit it to three feet, and 18 I hit it to three feet again. So it was great.