What they said: Harris English

April 13, 2012
PGA TOUR staff

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HARRIS ENGLISH: I'm three back from Colt right now. He played well. Hopefully I can keep it going and put some pressure on him.

Q. Your group was playing well, all three of you guys. Were you guys feeding off each other??

HARRIS ENGLISH: We were. There were a lot of birdies. We just had a good time. The weather was perfect. And we played well.

Q. You finally got a bunker to be good to you on the 8th??


Q. You put a nice face on a round that was awfully good. But I know you felt bad about giving the 1-up at 6??

HARRIS ENGLISH: Yeah, I struggled a little bit on the back 9. The wind started picking up, but I gutted it out and made 134 putts.

Q. You and Colt draft off each other a little bit today??

HARRIS ENGLISH: We did. We were playing well, even Corbin. We were all hitting good shots and playing well.

Q. It had to be fun for Corbin Mills to play with you. You guys got to play together at Public Links??

HARRIS ENGLISH: We did. It was good to play with him again. It was good to play with him.

Q. It was good practice for you to get to actually show somebody else the ropes for a change, in the case of how you're playing??


Q. Although you're a rookie on TOUR, this is not the first time you've seen Hilton Head??

HARRIS ENGLISH: It actually is. This is my first time at Hilton Head. Everybody loves it. I'm glad to be here.

Q. Just up the coast from Sea Island, then??

HARRIS ENGLISH: Not a bad drive, about an hour and a half. It's pretty much the same conditions.