What they said: Vaughn Taylor

April 12, 2012
PGA TOUR staff

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JOHN BUSH: We'd like to welcome Vaughn Taylor into the interview room after a 4-under par 67. Vaughn, what a way to finish a round. Talk to us a little bit about the 9th hole.

VAUGHN TAYLOR: Yeah, I had 4-iron off the tee. I had exactly 100 yards to the hole. I was trying to decide between a lob wedge and a sand wedge, but I had a little bit of an upslope lie, I decided to go with the sand wedge and hit a smooth one. Came off right, right at it, and fortunate enough to go in.

JOHN BUSH: Playing this week on a sponsor's invitation, you're back here at the tournament, a couple of top-4 finishes here. A tournament that means a lot to you.

VAUGHN TAYLOR: Yeah, I played well here. It's been a few years now. Good memories. It's close to home and I love the golf course, just really, really happy to be in this week.

Q. How difficult is it out there? The greens are pretty firm.

VAUGHN TAYLOR: It's very difficult. It's obviously a tough driving course. And then if you're not on the right side of the fairway, your back is behind the wall. And the greens are firm and fast. So it's tough. You've just got to kind of grind it out. You know you're going to miss some greens. So you've got to do your best trying to get the ball up and down. I fortunately did a good job of that today.

Q. You're a guy that likes this course. I'm curious to hear your thoughts on the changes here, specifically 3 and 16??

VAUGHN TAYLOR: I think they're good changes. 3, we played the up tee today, so it played the same. Make that hole a little tougher, a little longer.

16, makes that a really tough driving hole now. The up tee, you could hit 3-wood, 5-wood. So now you're almost -- I have to hit driver. So just makes it definitely a tougher driving hole.

JOHN BUSH: Talk to us a little bit, you missed the first three cuts of the year, what was it that got you right back on track here playing really well lately.

VAUGHN TAYLOR: You know, I was just hitting the ball left. I was hitting it high and left and I had to eliminate the left side of the course. I'm still hitting a few left, kind of cost me. Today I hooked it on 16. I kind of lost a little bit of confidence there. But just trying to eliminate the left side of the golf course. And hit it straight to a fade. I still hit the draw on the golf course, though. My natural swing comes out. Just got to eliminate that duck hook.

Q. Did you realize this could be a good week for you or did you get out there today and it ended up working??

VAUGHN TAYLOR: It's kind of hard to say. You try to feed off of good memories and things like that. I played okay the other day in the practice round, but hit it good on the range yesterday, and hit it good on the range this morning. I try to take those positives out there today. Started off real well, was hitting it good. And for a few holes there I was kind of hitting it everywhere. Just tried to grind it out and got fortunate the last couple of holes to hole some shots.

Q. Do you ever remember the greens playing this firm??

VAUGHN TAYLOR: I don't. I remember them firm occasionally, but this is the firmest I've seen them.

Q. With today's round do you let this kind of carry you into tomorrow or how are you feeling confidence-wise between round to round? Can you build on this, do you think?

VAUGHN TAYLOR: Yeah, you definitely try to -- you just try to keep that momentum. When you tee it up in the morning you kind of think those good memories and positive thoughts and just try to run with them and keep them going.

JOHN BUSH: Let's go through the card real quick, if we can. The birdie on 12.

VAUGHN TAYLOR: 12 I hit driver, 9-iron to about 20 feet.

15, I hit driver, 5-iron, sand wedge to about seven feet.

16, I hooked it left into the bunker, fatted it from the bunker, and then I had an almost impossible shot. Left it in the bunker again. And I hit not a very good bunker shot and two-putted.

1, I hit it down left side of the fairway, had to hook it around the trees. I missed the green right. Tipped it over the green, two-putted from there.

2, I hit driver, laid up with a 7-iron, hit sand wedge to about 15 feet.

4, I hit 5-iron to about 15 feet.

7, I pulled it in the left greenside bunker and holed it from there.

JOHN BUSH: We appreciate your time. Keep it going this week.