What they said: Chez Reavie

April 12, 2012
PGA TOUR staff

MORE INTERVIEWS: RBC Heritage transcript archive Q. 2-under par, 69, are you happy with that??

CHEZ REAVIE: Yeah, anything under par out here today is a great score. The greens are firm and we got fortunate with the wind. It was a little windy but I don't think it was as windy as this morning.

Q. Three birdies against one bogey, very steady play, what do you account for that??

CHEZ REAVIE: I hit proper clubs off the tees. I've been around here a few times now, so I can kind of figure out my angles for the approaches to the greens. I'm giving myself a little more wiggle room with my tee shots.

Q. It didn't seem like you guys got the bad end of the weather today??

CHEZ REAVIE: It was cold this morning. It was cold enough for me to have a sweater on even when we teed off this afternoon. But after a few holes it was warm enough to take it off, and it was a great day.

Q. Hard, fast conditions, you like them or not so much??

CHEZ REAVIE: Yeah, it's great. With the greens being firm, you have to hit good golf shots into the greens. If you miss it a little bit, it will bounce off the greens and God only knows where it will end up, so you need a good, crisp iron shot.