What they said: Blake Adams

April 12, 2012
PGA TOUR staff

MORE INTERVIEWS: RBC Heritage transcript archive Q. 2-under, 69. Pretty blustery conditions this morning??

BLAKE ADAMS: It was definitely a little bit cold. Not really the weather that I'm used to. I live an hour and a half from here, and this is not our normal weather. But my body felt good. I actually hit it great. This golf course if you don't hit it very well, it's an uphill battle. But I think they made bogeys on 17 and 18, which was good. I'll take it and just look forward to tomorrow.

Q. What was it, was it the wind that really got you or the temperature more??

BLAKE ADAMS: It was the cold. The coldness wears on me. It is what it is and I just look forward to tomorrow.

Q. Talk about your round.

BLAKE ADAMS: I'm definitely pleased with it, especially the way I hit it off the tee. Out here fairways are definitely a premium, greens as well. And my misses from the greens weren't too terribly bad. I was just off the fringe a lot. And somehow got it home and I was happy with it.

Q. Conditions, were you more than happy with the 2-under with the conditions the way they are??

BLAKE ADAMS: It was definitely tough. The wind was blowing, at 7:00 it was warming up and it was actually really, really cold. But coming in under par was a great score so I'll walk away with a 2-under.

Q. And a birdie, birdie finish??

BLAKE ADAMS: Birdie, birdie finish. Actually 17, especially 18, you just -- I'll take 2-under every day this week.

Q. You started birdie, birdie, too??

BLAKE ADAMS: I did start birdie, birdie. I had a good putt on 1 from about 12 feet or so. It was definitely a nice way to start with the weather.

Q. You had an incredible round last year, it seems like you're comfortable with this course??

BLAKE ADAMS: I am. This is the kind of course you have to hit it well. And normally I hit it halfway decent. It's awfully close to home. I live an hour and a half from here. I have a lot of friends and family and it's fun to be that close to home.