What they said: Charlie Wi

March 22, 2012
PGA TOUR staff

Courtesy ASAP Sports.

DOUG MILNE: Charlie, thank you for joining us for a few comments after the first round of the Arnold Palmer Invitational, a 6-under 66 today. A few comments on the round and we'll take some questions.

CHARLIE WI: The golf course is playing very difficult. It was really windy this morning starting right off the bat and I was able to control the ball really well. I gave myself a lot of opportunities and I was able to make some putts I'm very pleased with 66.

Q. Your first round after the 13, obviously you put that behind you real quickly.

CHARLIE WI: Yeah, thank you, Jeff. Next question. (Laughter).

I didn't even think about it really. That was just a blip on the radar screen. Actually I figured I should have gone for some TOUR record so at least I could be remembered.

Q. What did you do? Short version or long version.

CHARLIE WI: Second shot -- I had a wood chip behind my ball off the tee. So second shot I just skirted right behind a tree. I had about 200 yards and I had a gap in the tree, and I was in 60-something place. So I said, give me the 5-iron. So I was trying to hit it through the Y. Hit the tree, went in the range. Hit the tree, went in the range. I said, give me 6-ion. Went in the tree and hit the range. I couldn't take any more shots because I took three big divots, so I had to go sideways.

Q. How many balls did you have in the bag??

CHARLIE WI: I only had six so I couldn't afford to risk, because I had some water holes coming in. (Laughter).

Q. Had you had any luck here before??

CHARLIE WI: No. Missed the cut, missed the cut, withdrew, 24th last year.

Q. John Daly-esque.

CHARLIE WI: He's three-time Major winner, isn't he, or twice.

Q. He made an 18 -- you can catch up to him.

CHARLIE WI: I'm not long enough to go for that green in one, though.

Q. Neither was he.

CHARLIE WI: (Laughing).

Q. When you have a good stretch of play, can you feel it coming on??

CHARLIE WI: Since Pebble Beach, I've been playing okay, making cuts but not really -- I haven't had too many strong finishes and I've never really done well here, if I had shot a couple under today before I teed off, I would have been very pleased so to shoot 66 is a pleasant surprise.

Q. Safe to say you come here with not many expectations??

CHARLIE WI: You know, I'm still a competitor. I want to do well, so when the birdies are going in, I was making sure that I kept pressing myself to make some more.

Q. I think you holed three shots longer than 20 feet; good putting day??

CHARLIE WI: Yeah, any time you're playing well, you're definitely making a lot of putts.

Q. A lot of guys say before a good round, they have a terrible warm-up and that's why they didn't see it coming. How was your warm-up session before you went out? Just normal?

CHARLIE WI: Yeah, just normal. I mean, if I would have shot 62, I would have said, wow -- but the guys in the afternoon, I'm sure they could possibly shoot 6- or 7-under as well. So I don't think -- 6-under is a great round but I don't think it's like 62 or something.

Q. You had a couple eagle putts, 12, 13 feet, so this could have been actually lower, right??

CHARLIE WI: Yeah, but you know, you're always leaving shots out there.

Q. Did Mark misread them??

CHARLIE WI: Yeah, it's his fault -- (smiling). No, of course not.

Q. Did you turn 40 just recently??

CHARLIE WI: Yeah, thank, Steve. I feel great.

Q. How do you think I feel? I've known you since you were 16.

CHARLIE WI: Yeah, scary thought.

Q. Did you do anything??

CHARLIE WI: No, I didn't even tell my friends. I was embarrassed. I don't feel that old.

Q. You must like coming in here, Charlie.

CHARLIE WI: Yeah, you've got to play well to come in here, so it's a good thing.

Q. You come in and get abused.

CHARLIE WI: Yeah, I love it. Give it to me (grinning).

Q. What has given you fits in the previous times you've been here, this course??

CHARLIE WI: When I came here, they used to play No. 4 and No. 16 as par 4s, and I said -- I told my caddie, I said this course isn't for me. 4 and 16, I just struggled with those two holes.

And when they changed back to par 5 a couple years ago, that's when I decided to come back. I just thought it was too much of a bomber's golf course and I just couldn't compete.

Q. Still just a number though, isn't it??

CHARLIE WI: Yeah, but I was immature back then.

Q. At 38??

CHARLIE WI: Yeah. (Laughter).

Q. Sunday after the crazy hole, did you laugh it off at night? Did you let it go?

CHARLIE WI: Oh, you mean 13, last week?

Q. On Sunday, how did you let it go? Did you laugh it off? When did you stop thinking about it?

CHARLIE WI: Well, I figured I was going to either make 10,000, or 10,500 if I didn't make 13. Actually I didn't even think about it once. After, I was pretty mad on 6 tee, but after that, I was fine. Yeah, that 13, it's just a number. I promise you, I didn't even think about it after that.

Q. The rest of your round you shot 1-under??

CHARLIE WI: Yeah, I shot a couple under after that. So played pretty well.

Q. Talk about your finish today.

CHARLIE WI: 16, it was blowing pretty good left-to-right, hit a good drive. Hit my 4-iron to about 12 feet. 2-putted.

On 17, hit a great 6-iron to about 20 feet, 2-putted.

On 18, I hit driver, 8-iron to about eight feet and made that.

Q. Do you know Anthony Kim at all, around L.A.??

CHARLIE WI: Yeah, we've hung out a little bit.

Q. Good to see him back to a decent round today? He's been lost for a little while there.

CHARLIE WI: Golf is a tough game, and I told Anthony -- I played at Honda with him in the fourth round. Golf is such a hard game, you can't -- you are going to go through some up-and-downs in your career, and if you don't, you're just not human. It's how you come out on top is what makes a good player. So I shared that with him.

Q. Turned his life around.

CHARLIE WI: Yeah, sure. (Smiling).

DOUG MILNE: You covered the birdies at 16 and 18, if you wouldn't mind running us through our other five and the one hiccup with the bogey.

CHARLIE WI: On 4, I hit driver, 5?wood to about 15 feet, 2-putted there.

On 6, I was going to play it as a three?shot hole so I hit 3-wood into the right bunker. I wasn't trying to hit into the right bunker. Hit in the right bunker, hit 6-iron, 6?iron and made probably a 40-footer, 30-, 40-footer.

On 7, hit a great 6-iron right at the pin. Made about an 18-footer.

On 8, I hit a good drive down the middle and I didn't know I had mud on the ball and the second shot just squirted dead right and I wasn't able to get it up-and-down.

10, I hit 5-wood, 6-iron to 12 feet and made that.

On 14, I hit 5-iron to about 30 feet and made that.

DOUG MILNE: Charlie, as always, we appreciate your time. Keep it up.