What they said: Robert Garrigus

March 18, 2012
PGA TOUR staff

MORE: Transitions Championship transcript archive COLIN MURRAY: Robert, thanks for joining us. Obviously a disappointing finish, but you know, 64 to force a playoff there, and then a two-hour or so wait. If you can talk about your day as a whole and then we'll go to questions.

ROBERT GARRIGUS: Yeah, it started out pretty good. I birdied 1 and I was hitting everything to 15 feet, and hitting the bottom side of the lip the first four holes. But then I got up to 5 and I hit the par5 in two and had 90 feet to make it.

Then I hit it to 20 feet on the next hole and left it hanging on the lip again, and I'm like, well, maybe I should just miss the green or something. Hit it in the bunker on next hole and made the bunker shot.

Then I had to get up-and-down on 8, and you know what I mean, it was just progressing to a good round. I didn't birdie 11. Didn't birdie 9. It was just kind of losing ground there I think.

Then bogeyed 13, and I don't know where I was, but I knew I needed to finish in flurry. Made a good putt on 14 and 15 to get those in. The one on 17, it wasn't a very makeable putt. It was 40 feet or something, and buried that right in the middle.

18, it was a pretty simple putt. I thought it was the same exact put I had in the playoff but just didn't break as much. I had a great day. If you would have told me I would have been in a playoff this morning when I woke up, I would have pretty much told you you were crazy. It was a good day, and hit three good shots in the playoff and they didn't go in the hole and that's golf and that's why we keep grinding and keep going.

Q. What are you doing in that two-hour window??

ROBERT GARRIGUS: Sat down and played with my son for about 45 minutes to an hour and told my wife we had to go pack a bunch of stuff to go to the next week. I didn't really think I was going to be in the playoff. I sat there for about two hours and was just trying to think, you know, is this going to happen, is it not going to happen. You know, when I saw things unfolding, I just went to the driving range and spent about a half hour out there, did some chips and putts.

Played 18 exactly how I wanted, driver and a wedge just like I did in regulation, and just read too much break into the putt. I thought it was a good stroke. It was a perfect speed. It was just on the high side to let it dribble in a little bit but I hit it right where I wanted to.

Q. You assumed Donald was doing to make his putt??

ROBERT GARRIGUS: If I made mine, he might have missed his, first one in, but you never know, one of the best players in the world. He probably wasn't going to miss that putt but that's the way I was thinking; if I make this, he might miss his and might have been mine. You never know. But didn't happen. I played well this week. Made a lot of birdies today and didn't happen. Was a lot of fun though.

COLIN MURRAY: Robert thanks for your time.