What they said: Sang-Moon Bae

March 18, 2012
PGA TOUR staff

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Q. Great week overall, not the best outcome. A win would have been great, but you have to feel good.

SANG-MOON BAE: Great, but on the last hole, but great week. I did my best. Pretty good. My driver, iron shot, came back and the putter, everything good. Looking forward to play Bay Hill next week.

Q. How about all of these new people that now know who you are? You now have a whole bunch of new fans.

SANG-MOON BAE: Yeah, first time on this course, and this course like a little Japan Tour course, many tree lines, so very comfortable for me. So this week, it's better.

Q. What was the best part about your game this week??

SANG-MOON BAE: Well, the putting, that's pretty good. Everything, everything's good.