What they said: Chris DiMarco

March 16, 2012
PGA TOUR staff

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Q. You lit it up today.

CHRIS DiMARCO: I played about as solid as I could play out there. It's a tough golf course. You just have to hit it in play. I don't even know if I missed a fairway today.

You know, I hit for the most part, hit all my irons where I was aiming and I putted very good today. It's one of my best putting rounds probably of the year as far as feeling good over it. So I can take nothing away from it but good things.

Q. The alignment thing straightened out that you were talking about??

CHRIS DiMARCO: Other than the last hole, hit it perfect down the middle to take it sideways and hit a really good cut 8-iron that hits this side of the lip and goes 30 yards back up against the other side of the lip. And hit a great third shot to get it to within 20 feet and two-putted.

Other than that last hole, finishing like that, it was still good. I think I missed four cuts in a row, so for me it was a great start to the year, and then I played okay, didn't make cuts -- so you know what, any time you start missing cuts, it gets into your mind. So it's nice for me to go into the weekend on a good, positive note. Obviously I'm hitting the ball good and putting good, so I expect good things on the weekend.

I missed four cuts, Puerto Rico the first round was really the only bad round of golf I played this year. And you know, other than that, I think the other three cuts I missed by a shot; and Puerto Rico, I missed by a shot.

I've been putting myself in position but have not been pulling it off, and today was nice to go out and hit a lot of nice quality shots.

Q. What did you say was the alignment issue on the putting??

CHRIS DiMARCO: I was aiming left and my ball position was way back and had not realized it.

Q. How did you figure that out??

CHRIS DiMARCO: I just did it myself believe it or not -- I chipped in yesterday on 9 to shoot even and went to No. 10 and I just was having trouble getting the putter back.

And I'm wondering I didn't was having trouble, because my ball position was so far back that I could not take the putter back and really freed me up to hit the putts.

Back on track and it feels great. Haven't felt like this, and the thing I like about this is when I've putted my best, I hit the ball in the middle on the upswing and that's what it's doing.