What they said: Will Claxton

March 15, 2012
PGA TOUR staff

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Q. Very nice 7-under, birdie on the last and nice hole to finish out with that pin placement; talk about your day today??

WILL CLAXTON: You know, I hit it well, all day. I hit it where I was looking, putted the ball pretty well and just one of those days. Didn't do a whole lot wrong.

Q. This was your loan stop I believe last year on the PGA TOUR was this tournament. Having played here before that, did that help you today??

WILL CLAXTON: No doubt about it. It's the first tournament I've come to this year where I'm not fretting to get a practice round in and see every little hump and bump out there on the greens. It definitely eased my mind quite a bit.

Q. And you've taken advantage of these WGC events, Mayakoba, Puerto Rico, tell us about your year so far??

WILL CLAXTON: Far I've hit the ball well and struggled with the putter at times but I've definitely taken advantage of those opportunities in opposite-field events I guess, and it's been fun.

Q. Good stuff, opening round 5-under 66, your thoughts on how you played today and the conditions of the golf course??

WILL CLAXTON: Yeah, I played solid tee-to-green, made a five putts and greens were rolling really nice. They were good and receptive. It was ideal for scoring. I looked up, we were on 8 and Pádraig was 7-under through 12, and I was like, boy, he's on fire. Then we heard a big roar, we were over on I guess 14 or 15. And then he looked at me and says, "That's 10."

Just a good, solid start. Pleased with the way I played tee-to-green and really rolled it pretty well.

Q. Conditions are expected to be the same the rest of the week, so we should see some incredible red numbers.

WILL CLAXTON: Depends how much they dry the greens out and speed them up. Right now they are perfect speed for making putts and they are pretty receptive so you can be aggressive on the fairways. They may get a little firmer, a little tougher.

This year the rough is down so you can be a little more aggressive out of the rough. Didn't really drive it all that bad today, but a few times, I just hit it in the rough and had a decent chance to make par.