What they said: Boo Weekley

March 11, 2012
PGA TOUR staff

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Q. You made a couple of changes to your bag in terms of your putter and your driver. What changes did you make and how did it affect your play this week??

BOO WEEKLEY: I went to the better grip. I don't know the name of it. I reckon it's the fat grip. And I changed drivers. Went to an older head, TaylorMade, and it's been real good for me. We worked hard last week trying to find something.

Q. This is all in the last week and a half or something??

BOO WEEKLEY: Yeah, it started last week at the Honda. We went in there and sat down and started talking and looking and just trying to find a driver that I could keep in play, and I found one now that I felt like I hit a lot of good shots out there this week, putted the ball real well. I've been working hard on that putter, and that fat grip has kind of helped me keep my right hand out of it and keep it from slipping so much.

Q. Do you feel like these are steps you can build on going forward throughout this year now??

BOO WEEKLEY: Oh, yeah. I'm feeling good, and I've shown this week I'm finally getting back to where I know I can be in the Top 30, Top 10 in the world.

Q. Can you just go through what does the high finish, no matter what ends up being, do for you??

BOO WEEKLEY: The first thing it's a confidence builder. It's been three years now since I've even been in contention for anything. And these past three years I've been struggling just to make cuts, and I've been hurt and now I'm not hurt.

I feel a lot better about my game. I'm a lot closer than where I was. I changed coaches, started working with a guy named Scott Hamilton. He's been helping me with my swing. And we ain't been doing nothing. It's just as a matter of fact, just kind of building confidence with me, keeping me back on the same plane and just trying to keep me where I feel like I'm doing the same thing over and over, and it's showed. You work hard at it, it's going to happen sooner or later, and I believe in what I'm doing out here.

I changed caddies. I've got a guy named Jeff Dean. We're working good together. We're talking. We got a lot in common. We like to hunt. We like to fish. It works out easy when you got somebody out there you can communicate with and being able to do things, and it's helped out a lot. Showed this week that we finally got together.

Q. What changed this week??

BOO WEEKLEY: Well, it started last week. I got a new driver, changed putter grips. Just things started gelling. I've been swinging at it good. I know I've been swinging at it good. It's just actually just building my confidence enough to see some putts fall in, hit a couple of good quality shots and hit them close, and like all right, I switched balls this year to a TaylorMade ball and it's made a difference. The ball flies better through the wind for me. I know I can flight it. Overall my game's getting back to where I want it.

Q. So you went to the older model driver??

BOO WEEKLEY: Yeah, last year's model.

Q. Okay. What has it done for you??

BOO WEEKLEY: It's done a lot better. I went back to my standard length. I went to 44 and a quarter for my length instead of going to 45. That's the standard now is 45 where it used to be 44. And I feel like I was struggling. But I'm hitting it longer, but I couldn't control the ball. So I went down to a 44 and a quarter inch driver, and Blake Adams was helping me out on that end because I was like, man, this thing ain't right. And of course we went to look and comparing and come to find out, that was the issue.

Q. You had the shorter one you put in last week, too??

BOO WEEKLEY: Oh, yeah. I got two of them now. I got frick and frack, I reckon what you can call it.

Q. What have you been through the last couple of years with health problems??

BOO WEEKLEY: In '09 I tore my ligament in my left shoulder, and I'm a compactor. I love to pack the ball. And it's been kind of sketchy the last couple of years because I've been afraid to actually go down there after it. And it's just one of those things in life you gotta deal with it, and I just kept getting Cortisone shots instead of actually going through the therapy and doing all the things I should have went.

And I had a little cyst thing growing up on top of it, and I went and had it cut out, and as soon as they cut it out and everything came back together, I mean everything healed up and it feels perfect.

Q. When did you have that taken out??

BOO WEEKLEY: It was the middle of last year. At Aronimink, we played up there. I pulled the cartilage off my rib muscle. I didn't know you can pull fat.

Q. So Aronimink you pulled that??

BOO WEEKLEY: Yeah, I pulled it there, and I went home that following week because I was going to be out for about a month with that pulled cartilage, and I figured why not, go ahead and have this thing cut on and have it fixed. They cut on it and pulled it all out and got everything like it was, and the labrum and everything grew back together.

Q. Do you know the model of that driver??

BOO WEEKLEY: No, it's right over there if you want to take a peek at it.