What they said: Ryo Ishikawa

March 11, 2012
PGA TOUR staff

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Q. Just talk about your finish. This is your best finish on the PGA TOUR. Just your initial thoughts on that??

RYO ISHIKAWA: This week I'm playing for the first time in Puerto Rico, but a lot of people gave me very warm support, and I was very grateful for that.

Q. How important was your short game this week??

RYO ISHIKAWA: Well, if I played only driver, I didn't make the cut. Short game recoveries made the week for me. I'm playing next week, too, so I hope I will be as good as this week on the short game.

Q. Coming down the stretch you really poured it on, had a good final few holes. Does that give you some confidence when you're in that situation??

RYO ISHIKAWA: I made three birdies in the last four holes, and it was a great experience for me to be very close to the winning experience. And it felt like dreaming sometimes.

And if I get the next chance, I will grab it for sure.

Q. Did it feel different than trying to win on the Japan tour??

RYO ISHIKAWA: Yeah. I felt the space is quite different from the Japanese tour. But winning experience in Japan definitely helped me play well this week.

Q. Planning to take PGA TOUR membership now??

RYO ISHIKAWA: Still thinking. Need some time to think about it, but that's the direction I'll be aiming for.

Q. And what was your thought after you made the putt on 15, and how difficult was the bunker shot on 17??

RYO ISHIKAWA: On the 17th I didn't intend to hit the driver that long, and bunker shot was really, really hard. But I think -- on the longer -- I mean the driver shot was a little bit longer because the (inaudible) maybe, but all in all I had some putts to challenge. That's what happened on the 17th.

And before the tee off I had some time for that, and I played a little braver. It was like an amazing round today.