What they said: Scott Brown

March 10, 2012
PGA TOUR staff

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Q. No matter what on the PGA TOUR, that had to feel good. Now you're in contention. Tell me about what moment this week where you finally said, you know what, hey, I'm going to play well here this week and prove I belong on this TOUR.

SCOTT BROWN: You know, probably last night when I made the cut. You know, I got a lot of relief, a lot of pressure off me just making that first cut.

You know, I know I can play well under pressure. I proved it last year on the Nationwide Tour, and I just said just go out there and have fun and play fearless golf and we'll see what happens.

Q. So you went out there with a 65 today, and now looking forward to Sunday, how do you take, okay, now I've made it, I've made a cut on the PGA TOUR to how can I go out and win??

SCOTT BROWN: Yeah, I think I gotta go out with the same attitude, just try to make birdies. I think you gotta get somewhere around 16, 17 under probably to win. So I need another good low round tomorrow, just try to take the same mentality.

Q. Overall, the golf course here, how does it fit you and the way you're swinging the golf club right now??

SCOTT BROWN: It fits me good. You know, the holes that are blowing real hard out there, they seem like they favor my shot shape for the wind, so I kind of just let the wind take it. And I hit some good shots this week, some close ones.

Q. Scott Brown, great playing, thanks for joining us.