What they said: Ryo Ishikawa

March 09, 2012
PGA TOUR staff

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RYO ISHIKAWA: Short game today was very good, and approach shots and putting. Everything went well.

That resulted in birdies and some nice par saves. So the short game was the key thing.

Q. Can you just talk a little bit about how the conditions might have been wind wise yesterday -- or today, I'm sorry??

RYO ISHIKAWA: Tee time was 7:30. First five, six holes there was almost no wind, and I assume it will be tougher in the afternoon for those players playing in the afternoon. So in that sense I was lucky, but as I progressed after the 10 towards the end, the wind got stronger and the conditions got tougher. But under the strong wind conditions, I understood the difficulty of the course better. So I appreciate the design of the course more now.

Q. And are you trying to earn a PGA TOUR card? Is that something you're working toward?

RYO ISHIKAWA: Yeah. Yeah. I will try that, yeah.

Q. When did you decide to play here? Was that to try to get in the Masters?


Q. So did it relieve, having been invited? Are you more relaxed now that you've been invited and don't have to worry about getting in the Masters?

RYO ISHIKAWA: It is, of course, a relief that I got the invitation from the Masters committee, but when I play a tournament, I concentrate on the tournament. So I don't think about anything else.

So there are two aspects, yes, I feel relieved, but when I play a tournament, I will play to win the tournament.