What they said: George McNeill

March 08, 2012
PGA TOUR staff

MORE INTERVIEWS: Puerto Rico Open transcript archive THE MODERATOR: George, we were talking about last year. You finished fifth here, and that was your first top-10 finish, and then you went on to have one of your best seasons. How did this start last year jump start it?

GEORGE McNEILL: Obviously coming in here and playing well and gettin' a little bit of confidence. I was in the 126 to 150 last year, so not a great category to be in.

I had to take my starts where I got 'em, and fortunately this was my third event of the year, and it's just like Florida so it felt comfortable, and I happened to play well.

Q. What went so right on a day like today??

GEORGE McNEILL: Obviously I hit it pretty well and putted pretty well, and the few greens that I missed I chipped 'em close and had tap-ins and everything else, so I avoided the mistakes.

Q. I had the win in '07, but last year was as good of a year as you've played. How have you been able to elevate your game??

GEORGE McNEILL: I have no idea! I think I was able to bear down. Because I was in the situation that I was, not getting that many starts, I had to take advantage of the ones I did, and for whatever reason I played well.

I had four top 10s last year, and two seconds, so hope to improve on that from last year, a jumping board to keep the momentum going.

Q. Is it windy? What was the key out there?

GEORGE McNEILL: Patience, not getting too excited about making a par, and I didn't make any bogeys, so that was nice, but not messing up a hole that I thought I should take advantage of, so staying patient.