What they said: Ryo Ishikawa

March 07, 2012
PGA TOUR staff

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THE MODERATOR: Welcome, Ryo Ishikawa to the Puerto Rico Open. You had a chance to play the golf course this morning for the Pro� Am. Can you give us your thoughts on why you decided to play Puerto Rico and your thoughts on the golf course?

RYO ISHIKAWA: This is my first time in Puerto Rico, and there is a strong wind. Today's Pro� Am, the wind was stronger, twice as strong as practice round, so it was very good practice for the tournament. Played with people from Puerto Rico, and they were very warm. It's nice to be here in Puerto Rico.

THE MODERATOR: We know you received a special invitation yesterday. If you could just talk about what that means to you and how you plan to prepare for that.

RYO ISHIKAWA: I received an official invitation from the Masters' Committee, and I am grateful and honored to be invited. Players from Korea and other nations are playing much better golf, worldwide, and representing Japan is an honor.

I will consider this for Japan and other Asian country players to be trying our best, and I think it's a positive message from the Masters' Committee, and I feel grateful.

THE MODERATOR: If you have questions?

Q. Tell us how you think about the course, reading the course.

RYO ISHIKAWA: It was wonderful playing in Vegas, and with the media, and I'm looking forward to playing with all of the good players. The winds can be strong, so I have to be patient. Everything is good, I am playing good, and I am looking forward to playing tomorrow.

Q. How did the greens feel today??

RYO ISHIKAWA: The weather demands strong grass for the storms and the sunshine. The grass is quite different from grasses in Japan. There are two kinds they use in Japan, one is "Bent" and the other is called "Korai" which is quite grainy. I grew up playing on Korai, so the grass here for me is quite suitable.

I feel comfortable playing on this grass and this course.

Q. In your experience is this wind the strongest that you have played in? Have you ever played in conditions that had stronger winds than this?

RYO ISHIKAWA: Playing in Japan, I haven't faced constant, strong wind conditions. In Japan, only a limited area gets this kind of wind, so I'm not used to the strong, consistent winds, like over here. The courses are kind of narrow and there are up and downs, so it is quite different. Although I mentioned it is comfortable playing here, it is dangerous to feel "too" comfortable, so I like to keep my edge and keep the appropriate attention on the course, for me.