What they said: Lee Westwood

March 04, 2012
PGA TOUR staff

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Q. Impressive round today, can you talk about it, please??

LEE WESTWOOD: Yeah, well, I played well. I've played pretty good the last couple of days I think. The first day, a bit scratchy, but certainly second and third days, and today the only difference was I made a few putts. Did some good work on the putting green last night and got a bit of confidence up and made three putts outside, well, from about 30 feet, one from about 30 feet and a couple 25-footers.

Played solidly all day, controlled my flight well, which you need to do in a breeze like this, and sensible.

Q. Started knocking it so close to the hole, I guess that was the problem the first few days, 10- footers -- LEE WESTWOOD: If I had putted like I putted today the first three days, it could be a different story. But you know, that's one of them things. But the thing I liked about today was the way I putted; I felt comfortable on the greens and the stroke was smooth, I was looking at the hole from everywhere, I think, and holed it, which a bit more like what I should be doing.

Q. Can you talk your plan for this year? I understand you're going to end spend a lot more time here this year?

LEE WESTWOOD: I've joined, so I'm going to play a lot here, more than I would normally, the FedExCup events, as well, which I'm excited about. Other than that, pretty similar schedule. The end of the year, I'll be in Asia. Middle part of the year probably mainly in Europe. But that's what I normally so.

I'm pleased I've got off to a good start over here.

Q. How many events??


Q. Predicated on the assumption that the kid finishes this thing off, can you talk about the way he's played here the last little bit to move up to that No. 1 spot??

LEE WESTWOOD: The way he's played this week?

Q. This week; the last few weeks -- LEE WESTWOOD: He's played like that for four or five months that I can remember. I've seen the stats and you're not counting one of the tournaments he's won in China. I played with him the first two rounds that week and he played great. He's a very good player, very young, still learning, got most of the shots. I think he's got a fairly bright future.

Q. Inaudible.

LEE WESTWOOD: The thing I'm most pleased about today is I carried on with the way I have been hitting it, but on the greens, the best I've putted in two or three years.

Q. The wind seemed not as bad later on --

LEE WESTWOOD: Yeah, I think it's dropping a bit. I would like it to pump right now (laughing). I think this morning, having to go out before the delay was probably a bit of a disadvantage although we played only sort of a couple of holes and then came out and made that eagle on the first hole. But like you say, the first part of the day, quite difficult, and it's gotten easy as the day has gone on, scorable out there.