What they said: Robert Allenby

February 26, 2012
PGA TOUR staff

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ROBERT ALLENBY: Obviously disappointed, disappointed that I didn't like hit 3-wood off 18 in regulation, like I should have. But that's the way it goes, you know. You make some mistakes sometimes, and that was a major one, obviously.

I mean I had this tournament in the bag, a two-shot lead with one hole to play and just played it like a rookie, pretty much.

Q. Does it feel like a lifetime ago, that 18 or 72nd hole??

ROBERT ALLENBY: Yeah, I played so awesome all day. I mean I did nothing wrong all day. I played great, I putted great. I hit the ball great, and I did everything that I needed to do coming down the stretch and then to give it away at 18 is very, very disappointing.

You know, it wasn't easy in the playoff as well. I struggled with my swing a little bit, but I was still mentally not quite there from the 18th hole anyway, but look, John's a great player, and I played with him yesterday, and he's got a great future and he's a young guy, and you know, all the best to him.

I mean it's great to see him win.