What they said: Daniel Summerhays

February 25, 2012
PGA TOUR staff

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NELSON SILVERIO: We welcome our leader, Daniel Summerhays to the media center here at Mayakoba Classic. Daniel, congrats.


NELSON SILVERIO: Just start us out with some opening comments on the keys to your round today.

DANIEL SUMMERHAYS: Again, like yesterday, I drove the ball very well. I was feeling really comfortable with it, swinging aggressively, and yeah, I was never too far out of position.

I missed a few fairways, but even then I was just off the fairway and still had good shots in. So driving was great. My iron play was solid. It was tough to get it really close to some of those pins today, so I ended up having 30, 35 feet, and so I never got really, really good looks, but I was really pleased with how I played today.

Q. (Question in Spanish)?(Question in Spanish)?

DANIEL SUMMERHAYS: Tomorrow I'm just going to try and do the same things I've been doing all week. I'm going to try and hit the driver really well again. My swing feels really good, so I'm picking good targets out. I'm judging the wind correctly and I'm managing it well. So tomorrow I'm going to swing hard at that driver and I'm going to be confident with it, and I'm going to continue to hit the knock-down iron shots that I've been hitting all week.

So nothing's going to change. I'm really looking forward to the opportunity tomorrow to take the lead into the final round of a PGA TOUR event and see how I perform.

Q. (Question in Spanish)?(Question in Spanish)?

DANIEL SUMMERHAYS: Yeah, the greens are very difficult, I think, as far as speed goes, because they're fairly grainy, and you have a lot of putts going up the grain and then back over to some of these pins, and if you hit a putt just a little harder or a little softer, it could be a difference on the other side by four or five feet.

So you know, on 17 today I hit a good putt on those greens. If I would have hit it a hair softer, it may have come up short, but it ended up going five feet past. So they're difficult to putt. But they rolled true. They're good greens, and the fairways, even though it's, you know, it's thick grass, they're perfect.