What they said: Will Claxton

February 24, 2012
PGA TOUR staff

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Q. Currently tied for the lead. Good round yesterday, good round today. Just kind of talk about your round today and maybe compare conditions between the two days.

WILL CLAXTON: For me, yesterday afternoon and this morning conditions were similar. Probably the wind was a little gustier today, but I've just kind of had good control over my ball, certainly had a couple of good breaks here and there and putted the ball well, just doing all the things you do when you're playing well.

Q. You're doing a lot of things right, but is there one thing maybe that you could point to that's turned your game around for this week??

WILL CLAXTON: Well, certainly putting. I struggled with the putting on the West Coast a little bit coming into this week. And I worked hard on it, but whether it's my hard work or me just being comfortable with the different blade of grass, I'm not real sure, but that's definitely the difference maker for me.

Q. And good resort here, kind of being in Cancun, being outside of the U.S., is that --

WILL CLAXTON: It's a vacation.

Q. Does that maybe make you more relaxed??

WILL CLAXTON: It's a vacation, man, but to be honest with you, you know, being a rookie, first time out, every week is a little -- you know, it's kind of like a vacation to me. I mean I'm enjoying the great golf courses, great weather, all the fun places we get to go. So yeah, for sure.

Q. Did you drop a bomb today at any hole? Was there maybe one highlight out of the round today?

WILL CLAXTON: You know, I did make kind of a long putt on 10, probably 30?footer, 30, 35 feet, somewhere in there.

Other than that, probably the highlight of my day was the 16th hole, I kind of hit a bad tee shot and I had a good recovery shot to the center of the green and made my par. Coming off the first bogey of the week with a three-putt on 15, I felt like that was big for me at the moment.

Q. Lastly, I know we got two days to go, but any thoughts going into the weekend at the top??

WILL CLAXTON: No, not at this point. I'm sure I'll be feeling some nerves that I haven't felt before, but we'll see how it goes. I mean I'm just going to try to stay relaxed and just do what I'm doing.