What they said: Dustin Johnson

February 18, 2012
PGA TOUR staff

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Q. Overall what do you take out of the day? Obviously a tough stretch near the end.

DUSTIN JOHNSON: I played really good golf today, scored well. I didn't drive it great, but when I missed it, I missed it in the right spots where I still had shots at the green. 16 and 17 were just bad, bad holes. Not good. I hit my first putt way too hard and then the second one kind of hopped a little bit left.

Other than that, I'm playing really good golf. I'm rolling the putter good. I feel really good over the ball. I'm just going to have to go out tomorrow and get a good start and put some pressure on.

Q. You've had some good results here. How does your game fit this golf course??

DUSTIN JOHNSON: I really like this golf course. I love being here at Riviera. The course is just a beautiful course to play. The eye lines are very good, and it's shaped very nicely, especially for my game. I'm just going to go out tomorrow and hopefully play well.

Q. How hungry are you to get back in the winner's circle??

DUSTIN JOHNSON: Very hungry. I'm going to come out tomorrow and give it everything I've got.

Q. Talk about the knee. Is that totally past you now??

DUSTIN JOHNSON: Yeah, it's not bothering me at all. I've got no issues. I've got nothing to blame for my game except for myself. The knee is feeling good, it's healthy, it's feeling strong. I'm looking forward to the challenge tomorrow.

Q. Everybody is so bunched up it's kind of fun. You can get out ahead and start to make something happen, put some pressure on some people. You and Phil got very close to each other at 13 and 8 and all of a sudden you were tied on the scoreboard, too.

DUSTIN JOHNSON: Yeah, I'm playing really good golf. I'm scoring good. I'm not hitting it quite as well as I'd like to, but I'm really scoring well. My short game is good right now, I'm putting it well. So really comfortable out here, and this golf course is in great shape, and I've always liked this course. I like the sight lines and the course just sets up really well for me.

Q. 14 greens today.

DUSTIN JOHNSON: Yeah, I did hit it well when I hit the greens, but my misses, when I missed the green, weren't too good. I need to work on that a little bit, and then obviously got to get the driver going a little bit straighter.

Q. You love this golf course. You've played almost as well here as you have at Pebble. You have the wins at Pebble but you've got a couple of top 10s here. You like this place??

DUSTIN JOHNSON: I do like it. Tomorrow I need to get after the par-5s. Today I didn't really take advantage of the par-5s. I played them even. I birdied 1 and parred 11 and bogeyed 17. I bogeyed 17 with 220 out of the middle of the fairway, which is not very good for me.

Q. Any regrets on hitting the putter there from short??

DUSTIN JOHNSON: Absolutely not. I even left it in a good spot. I had an easy putt. I was five feet away, right-edge putt, and I just hit it too hard.

Q. Good birdie, though, at 18 to finish it off.

DUSTIN JOHNSON: Yeah, definitely. That's going to make lunch taste a little better.