What they said: Jimmy Walker

February 17, 2012
PGA TOUR staff

MORE INTERVIEWS: Northern Trust Open transcript archive Q. Very nice round fashioned from not a ton of fairways or a ton of greens and yet you shoot 66.

JIMMY WALKER: You guys noticed that, huh? I did, too, and I started to drive it a little better coming down the stretch. I hit a few more, gave myself some good looks, but you know, I like you can manage the rough out here. For the most part the pins are kind of tough, especially when it starts going downwind, you definitely want to be in the fairway, so that's what I'm going to work on a little bit.

Q. How much different a golf course was it during the round because the wind came up for a little bit but then it laid down for the end of it and allowed you guys to go after flags??

JIMMY WALKER: Yeah, it was tough yesterday with everything going on. It was going really hard. And then today it was up early and then it just quit, and then it would go it would just switch back and forth. It would switch directions completely, so you had to really kind of stay on top of it. It's not like it's blowing crazy or anything out there.

Q. You've played well so far this year, a couple top 10s already, coming off a nice week at Pebble Beach last week. You must be feeling confident.

JIMMY WALKER: Yeah, I feel good. I'd like to drive it a little better this weekend so we'll go work on that. But I really like Riv. It's got a lot of history, and it's a great golf course. I like a lot of stuff about it.

Q. Nice to be completely healthy, isn't it? You were healthy most of last year, but I think you were maybe still wondering about it; now you don't even think about it?

JIMMY WALKER: No, the knee was good. I had a little back problem for about two months in the middle of the year last year, but we all have those little quirks and stuff that pop up. You've just got to deal with them, and we did. I feel great. I did a lot of conditioning in the off season, and this is my sixth tournament in a row, so I feel like all that is kind of paying off. We've got an RV that we're traveling in, and it helps make you feel like you're at home more, and that helps let you stay out a little longer.