What they said: Carl Pettersson

February 17, 2012
PGA TOUR staff

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Q. Good playing out there today, nice and solid. You have to like your position.

CARL PETTERSSON: Yeah, I played pretty good. I made a couple stupid bogeys coming in, but overall I'm hitting it great, so I'm looking forward to the weekend.

Q. How much different was it today than yesterday??

CARL PETTERSSON: Well, it was completely different. Wind blew a little bit early on but then it laid down. Yesterday it was very difficult starting off. I definitely think we had the better draw, late early. It was pretty rough for the guys in the morning yesterday. But it was nice to be playing well, and I feel good.

Q. You look like you're stroking it very nicely, as well.

CARL PETTERSSON: Yeah, I'm rolling the ball good. I could have made a few more birdies today, but that goes for every round. But just hitting it solid, which is nice, and the putter seems to be hanging in there.

Q. You were on the golf course yesterday afternoon, so I am assuming you did not see the Duke - NC State game??


Q. Do you know what happened??


Q. State was up 17 in the second half and ended up losing to Duke.

CARL PETTERSSON: Well, Duke is a very good team. What can you do? That's Wolfpack for you.

Q. How do you like this stretch of the season maybe compared to others? How do you like the West Coast, Riviera?

CARL PETTERSSON: I love Riviera. It's my favorite one on the West Coast. I like playing on the East Coast mostly, but Riviera is one of my favorites. It's just such a great golf course. It holds its own. It's an old golf course, been here forever, and I think what's leading, 6 under right now? So it's just a good test of golf.

Q. What are some of your early season goals? Do you set anything out tournament by tournament?

CARL PETTERSSON: No, I didn't set anything this year. I just wanted to relax and play well. I've played pretty good this year, finished second in Hawai'i, and the finishes haven't been that great, but I've played nicely. I'm not trying to put any expectations on myself and just go out and play.

Q. Looking forward to this weekend??

CARL PETTERSSON: Yeah, should be nice. Hopefully the weather will stay like it was today. Today the weather was beautiful. Yeah, I love Riviera and looking forward to the weekend.