What they said: J.B. Holmes

February 16, 2012
PGA TOUR staff

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Q. You certainly started out great today. Was that a surge of momentum for a while??

JB HOLMES: It was just tough when the wind was blowing really hard, so it was nice to get off to that kind of start. Really hit some good shots and made some good putts, and nice to start off that way for sure.

Q. That wind was brutal at times.

JB HOLMES: Yeah, it was blowing really hard. I think it might have been a little advantage to start on the back because really 10 you have to deal with the crosswind, 11. After that it's downwind for a few holes, so you have a chance to make some birdies there.

Then 17 is a par?5, so you can still hit a wedge up there. But 18 was really difficult. 1 was difficult with that crosswind. It died down the last few holes, but it was blowing really hard there most of the day.

Q. After everything you've been through, there has to be a great confidence to know that you had a day like today.

JB HOLMES: Yeah, it's nice to get back out here and start hitting some shots like I used to, so it's nice to put a good competitive round in on tough conditions. It's just nice to be back out here, and it's always encouraging when you can play good starting off on the first round.

Q. When you have eight birdies, do you feel as good as your score would indicate??

JB HOLMES: You said it, I had a ton of birdies, so it could have been a little bit better. Coming in I made some bogeys, which was?? a couple of them were bad breaks and a couple of them I just hit a bad shot. But overall hit the ball pretty good. My mindset was really good all day and made a bunch of birdies and putted pretty good. So overall it was a good day.