What they said: John Rollins

January 28, 2012
PGA TOUR staff

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Q. Just behind the lead. What's been going right for you this week??

JOHN ROLLINS: I've just been playing. I played pretty solid the first day on the South course and lost a couple coming in. But made some putts and hit the ball pretty solid, gave myself a lot of chances. Then got over there on the North course and really had it going. Made ten birdies, and had a couple of bogeys and kind of a silly double there.

But just really I've been giving myself a lot of opportunities and I've made some putts and everything else, and that's really the big thing out here on these greens for sure is just keeping it in play and giving yourself chances and hoping it's going to go in.

Q. You're going to be a little behind heading into the final round. With the South course being tough, what is your game plan for Sunday??

JOHN ROLLINS: Really nothing different than the last few days. You've got to hit fairways and greens out here. It's a tough course when you put the ball in the rough, and when you do that you're always defensive. And this is not he kind of golf course you want to play defensive on.

We'll see how far behind we are, but I'm going to be patient and hope to give myself as many opportunities as I can.

Q. Did VCU change its school colors??

JOHN ROLLINS: No, I was going to wear VCU colors. They sent me a shirt and unfortunately it didn't fit properly. So I thought the school would not want me to represent them looking that way. So I opted just to throw something on that I had and go with it.

Q. What do you think of Kyle sitting up there at the lead??

JOHN ROLLINS: He's 17 the last I saw.

Q. 18 now.

JOHN ROLLINS: Yeah, obviously, he's playing great. He shot 10- under the first day, and he's 4-under I think yesterday over here and 4-under again today. So he's clearly playing well and in control of his game. I can only console myself and my game. That's what I'm going to do.

Just go out and maybe make a few early birdies and try to get some heat on him and see what happens. Anything can happen on this golf course.

Q. It seems you hit the ball better than your score indicated. Like if you had putted a few --

JOHN ROLLINS: Yeah, the par-5s today let me down. I played them one over. I had it there on 6 and three-putted from about 12 feet, and then 9 was on the greenside bunker and made 5, and 13 three-putted the par-5 for a par, and then 18 I had one right in the center short again. So they weren't coming to me today. But maybe tomorrow's a different day, so we'll see what happens.

Q. Is any lead safe out here??

JOHN ROLLINS: Sure, if a guy had a ten or 12 shot lead, you'd feel pretty comfortable. But when you're four or five shots, sometimes it's hard to play with a big lead because you get kind of relaxed and everything else. Then next thing you know, a bad drive here and there leads to some bogies, and birdie-bogey on the same hole and two shots could happen pretty quick.

Q. What did you hit on 13??

JOHN ROLLINS: I hit a 4- iron. We had like 208, 210, I think, to the hole. Obviously, we just wanted to fly it up on the green and get it past the hole. Anything short there is no good, so we hit 4-iron.

Q. There was so much talk early in the week that you were asking guys about playing that hole through the back tee. Everybody was kind of saying how ridiculous because you have to lay up. There is no option. But then you and Kyle both went for the green.

JOHN ROLLINS: We played the up tee today. We played the up from the left side rather than all the way back. And I would agree, I think playing the up tees are better for that style of hole, because like you say, it gives not only the fans, but it gives us as players options. We can reach the green for the potential eagles. But if you hit it in the wrong spot going for the green, you can make a 6 in a hurry.

Q. But the up tee was like 594, wasn't it??

JOHN ROLLINS: I don't know what the yardage was. But it was downwind, so the ball got out there pretty good. And we had 208, 210, so we hit a 4-iron.