What they said: Jonas Blixt

January 28, 2012
PGA TOUR staff

MORE INTERVIEWS: Farmers Insurance Open transcript archive Q. Jonas, obviously a very good day today. Talk about your round.

JONAS BLIXT: Got off to a hot start, and I'm very happy. I played the harder holes, in my opinion, very well. Got a few birdies in there, and, yeah, trying to make birdies all day.

Q. What was the key??

JONAS BLIXT: My putter, all day. I used my putter through today, and I rolled the rock really well today.

Q. What did you change from and to??

JONAS BLIXT: From Scotty Cameron to my old putter.

Q. You just weren't comfortable with it??

JONAS BLIXT: It didn't have the, I think, the right amount of loft on it, so it grabbed the small, subtle indents on the greens a lot more than this one does. It kind of rolls over them.

So yesterday I didn't make that much, and today, it helped a lot.

Q. To the average guy out there, they don't understand it's just that subtle, and it can be something as minute as a little roll on the ball, isn't it??

JONAS BLIXT: Oh, absolutely. If you get a putt from ten feet, and it's breaking just a little bit, and you hit one of those small things, it stops it from going with the break. I mean you're going to hit the lip instead of the middle of the hole. That's what happened today.

Q. The South course is supposed to be the harder of the two, but it seemed easy for you today.

JONAS BLIXT: No, I played well today from tee to green. I'm very happy about it. Yeah, I just got off to a bad start yesterday on the South course, and then I played my last ten at 6-under. So I've been playing all right this week.

Q. Talk about this is your third start in your rookie season out here. Were there jitters and stuff to start the year at Sony and have you gotten over those or will they be with you for a lot of the year??

JONAS BLIXT: No, I think I'm over the jitters. I never really got them to be honest with you. I feel pretty comfortable out here so far.

We'll see. I really don't know what to expect. I love it out here. It's great. Golf courses are fantastic. It's fun. I really enjoy playing in front of an audience. I've just been more focused I think, too. No, I don't want to be anywhere else.

Q. Did you set specific goals for this year or just kind of playing it as it goes??

JONAS BLIXT: I have goals for this year as well. I'm trying to reach them as fast as possible so I can set new ones.

Q. What is the first one, winning, or is making the cut the first one??

JONAS BLIXT: The first one was making the cut, absolutely. That was a big one. So you know you don't have to get on a bad roll and you can't get in there. The next one is -- I'm not going to say it. I've got some goals and I'm working hard towards them.

Winning is one of them. There are a few that are fortunate enough to win, so I hope one day I can do it.

Q. I know you're in contention, so tomorrow will be a different thing for you to be in contention on a big stage??

JONAS BLIXT: Yeah, I have no clue really what to expect tomorrow. I don't know what's going to happen. But I hope I can go out and take every shot for what it is, and just plug along as I used to and try not to look around too much.

There is so much stuff going on everywhere, so I just keep my focus and if I can do that, I hope I don't get too jittery and can play some good golf with these people.

Q. Today was college day, and with the low score of the day, you earned $20,000 for your Florida State program. Talk about that.

JONAS BLIXT: When I can help my college out, I want to do that. Without them, I would never be here. I grew up a lot over there. They helped me with everything. I mean, I got to be a lot better player there, and I had a lot of fun there too. So I hope I can help them.