What they said: Martin Flores

January 27, 2012
PGA TOUR staff

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Q. Just talk a little about your round. Obviously a disappointing finish on 8 and 9.

MARTIN FLORES: Oh, yeah, but there were so many good things that happened today, I can't get hung up on that. I let a couple par-5s go coming in, but all in all, it was a fantastic day and a lot of good came out of it.

Q. You had it going early. What were you doing, what specifically was working??

MARTIN FLORES: I just hit a lot of good approach shots coming in and starting the day. Consequently, made the putts. I had a little lull here on the front nine, but I made a great putt on 16, my seventh hole, and that kind of jump started it again. I birdied 18, my ninth hole, and then kind of rolled after that into the second nine.

Q. Tell me about the putt??

MARTIN FLORES: It was probably 30 feet, but I was on top of the ridge. As a big swinger right to left I just buried it right in the center.

Q. What was so easy or was it easy on the South course, because this is the harder golf course??

MARTIN FLORES: Yeah, there is nothing easy about that course at all. I just hit a lot of good putts. I set up some good approaches, but mostly it was the putting that carried me today.

Q. Is there anything on a day like today where you watch a leaderboard or care??

MARTIN FLORES: Not really, because it's so early. I've still got two rounds to go, so I'm just trying to pay attention to my work and what I've got to do.

Q. What about this year? You set any specific goals?

MARTIN FLORES: You know, the outcome goals are always usually the same. You want to win and climb the ladder as much as possible.

Q. Talk about your preparation in the off-season to get ready for this year.

MARTIN FLORES: First of all, I took a little vacation to try to wind down and relax. Then I hit the gym pretty hard to try to get my body ready. Because the PGA TOUR is so physically demanding over the course of a year, that I wanted to be ready and put in a lot of practice.

Q. What did you learn from the first time you were out here??

MARTIN FLORES: It was just a mixture of a lot of things. Time management, just how to play the game and learned a lot about myself.

Q. Are the greens in good shape? We've heard the greens are a little bit softer since the rain the other day. Are they hardening up?

MARTIN FLORES: Yeah, they were a little bit soft. A lot of the approaches have been sticking. So a few of the shots are confusing because some stick and some bounce, so I've just got to be mindful of that and just keep going.

Q. Tell me about the bogey on the 17th hole??

MARTIN FLORES: You know, I was kind of in between clubs, and I kind of wanted to miss short, and I actually missed. It was a perfect situation, I just hit a bad pitch. Hit a good putt, I just wobbled off line, and that's going to happen on poa annua late in the day.

Q. The second shot here on nine??

MARTIN FLORES: I absolutely smoked it. I can't be upset about that one. I had 272 to the pin and I flew it about 280. I was trying to make a three and consequently I short sided myself and made five.

Q. You don't expect to hit it that far yesterday, did you??

MARTIN FLORES: I didn't think it would quite go that far. But I got what I deserved from playing in the green.

Q. You're in a good position for the weekend and that's the key.

MARTIN FLORES: Absolutely. It's all about putting yourself in position on Sunday. We got a good start the first couple of days.