What they said: John Huh

January 26, 2012
PGA TOUR staff

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Q. John, you've got your first cut in your first event, and now you come here to play the Farmers Insurance Open on a nice day, round of 64. Tell us about your round??

JOHN HUH: I played really good. I came up with three eagles which is pretty good. I haven't done that before, so it's pretty amazing making three in one round.

I just played solid. Just hit the ball on the fairway, the greens, two par and one putt or two putt or something like that.

Q. As your second event on the PGA TOUR, how do you feel out here? What surprises you the most?

JOHN HUH: The length, actually. The length of the golf course kind of surprises me all the time. But I think I'm doing pretty good on this course, especially, and I took advantage of the short course. So kind of looking forward to playing the South course tomorrow.

Q. A lot of listeners don't know much about you. What are the strong points of your game, and tell us a little something about yourself.

JOHN HUH: My strongest game is probably just the driver, I guess. Keeping the ball on the fairway and giving myself a good chance to hit a good shot. That's it. I mean, hitting the green and one-putt it.

Q. Tell me about the eagles. Tell me how it went.

JOHN HUH: The first hole was the North, which I hit a good drive. Probably had like around 200.

Q. Number 1??

JOHN HUH: Yeah, number 1 on the North, and I hit a 4-iron probably like 12 feet. I had good speed on it, and it went in. My second one would be number 5. Yeah, you know, there was a little slope, so I was trying to use that slope. I had around 96 yards and I tried to hit it a hundred yards and spin back a little bit, and it worked out pretty good.

The last one I made was 14, the par-5. I hit a really good drive. Just figured the wind was behind us a little bit. And I had 194 to carry the bunker or the little lip over there and I hit a 5-iron. I put it like exactly where I want and I gave myself like five feet or six feet and made that one. That's it.

Q. So three eagles in one round, never before anywhere in one round.

JOHN HUH: Oh, yeah, that's my first time. I think I heard Kevin Na had done it. That was in the news that he made an eagle.

Q. You've traveled a lot, New York, L.A., and you've been all around the country, haven't you??

JOHN HUH: I didn't really travel a lot over there. I was born over in New York. My parents took me to Korea, went back to Chicago and back to L.A. to play golf. Then went back to Korea to play golf again, and here I am.

Q. What is it about the Korean players? You guys are really coming along and playing well? You love the sport over there, right?

JOHN HUH: Yeah, I'm pretty sure a lot of players have a passion about this, but I guess the Korean player has more passion or a more good attitude, I guess. There's a lot of good players over there in Korea that are really looking forward to coming over here. I'm pretty sure it's going to be really soon.

Q. And the women.

JOHN HUH: Yeah, they're really dominating over there on the LPGA. So hopefully they can do it over here too.

Q. Who did you look up to growing up??

JOHN HUH: Probably just Tiger first then Ernie. And as soon as K.J. and Y.E. Yang showed up, then them. I'm looking forward to playing with them in practice rounds, for sure and learn from them a little bit.

Q. The Olympics are four years away. Have you started thinking about that??

JOHN HUH: Not right now. I mean, I'm a rookie on the PGA TOUR, so I'm just trying to keep to par as much as possible and play as solid as I can.