What they said: John Mallinger

January 22, 2012
PGA TOUR staff

MORE INTERVIEWS: Humana Challenge transcript archive Q. Talk to me about the season and going into this year and talk about your chances here. I know you feel a little down right now, but how did you play??

JOHN MALLINGER: I played awesome. I don't think I made a bogey for the last 50 holes. So I put myself right into the deal. I think I shot 6 under today but at the end of the day it just wasn't good enough. Obviously those guys were making some birdies back there.

But overall it was a good week for me. I had some good practice session with my swing coach early on and just found something that clicked, and it's close, but not good enough.

Q. The putt on 18, it looked like you hit it right where you wanted to??

JOHN MALLINGER: I did, I hit it right on my line, I didn't see it moving that much, but it's just the way it goes. I had the a lot of good putts this week and I felt like I composed myself out there and just played good golf.

Q. Got to be pretty excited growing up in southern California and up in Long Beach. You get to putt on that weed the guys call poa annua. You got to be pretty excited for the courses you got to play in the coming weeks??

JOHN MALLINGER: I'm pretty excited. I like to start on the West Coast. I like playing here. And I'm going to San Diego my hometown next week. I have family and friends out there and I hope that they cheer me on.

Q. Did you see the putt that well??

JOHN MALLINGER: I hit that putt perfect on the line I wanted to, and obviously it just broke a little more than I thought. I had perfect pace, actually wasn't nervous at all. I told myself to commit and pick the right line and it just broke a little bit more than I thought.

Q. Do you think the light played a factor at all??

JOHN MALLINGER: No, nothing at all. I played golf for 20 years, I know how to read a putt, but it was fun. I finally felt normal out there. I felt like I was composed and I felt like that I didn't get nervous at all. I hit golf shots that I knew how to hit. I never put myself out of play, I didn't make any bogeys, I had a good pairing the last 50 holes, so you need to play solid to play well here.

Q. Do you think a big part of that was all the Nationwide Tour stuff at the beginning of the year? Was that a big part of this experience?

JOHN MALLINGER: I think so, yeah, a lot of it was my off season preparation. A lot of fitness stuff that mentally got me better. I finally got someone that pushed me for these moments coming down the stretch. So I can't thank my golf coach enough for getting me to that level and getting me back to where I need to be and competing on the PGA TOUR.

Q. What were those sessions like??

JOHN MALLINGER: Basically like two months of boot camp at home. Normally I kind of take about a month off, but this year I kind of rededicated myself in the winter and just got stronger and mentally I just got better.

Q. The eagle on 6, that wasn't an easy position.

JOHN MALLINGER: No, actually it was front left, I missed it a little bit to the right and, but good thing I was on the up slope and I just tried to hit this little flop in there and it went in.