What they said: Jeff Maggert

January 22, 2012
PGA TOUR staff

MORE INTERVIEWS: Humana Challenge transcript archive Q. What a professional finish. You missed one fairway, you only missed two greens, you don't make a bogey, 64 on a Sunday, it was a lot of hole to cover up, but you almost did it.

JEFF MAGGERT: It was a good day. I needed a day like today. Last week I really struggled Sunday and did not play well at all, so I wanted to come out today and just try to play well and just work on my confidence a little bit.

I played with David Duval here when he shot 59 last day, so I was thinking, 59, you know, that would be a nice round today. That might sneak in there and scare a few people. But I gave it my best shot, 8 under, I can't complain. I played great all day.

Q. 61 or 62 might have been able to do it. Surprise you that you're really one of the only guys that's been able to go low today??

JEFF MAGGERT: I saw a few low scores, some of them were on the other nine. But certainly in the last hour of tee times, no one's really kind of pulled away, so that is a little bit surprising. The weather is pretty perfect again, so...

Q. What's your schedule like now going forward??

JEFF MAGGERT: I'm off next week, I can't play too many in a row. The main thing is my body's healthy again. I had this little shoulder surgery last year and really recuperated from that well and just feel like, healthwise, I'm a hundred percent. I haven't felt that way in a few years, so it's nice to come out and feel good about your body and feel like you can come out here and compete a little bit.

My golf swing is better. It's still kind of a work in progress right now. I created some bad habits playing injured, so I'm trying to work those out and just work on my short game and get confidence.