What they said: Zach Johnson

January 21, 2012
PGA TOUR staff

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Q. Talk about how things went out there.

ZACH JOHNSON: My day was pretty good. I gave myself some opportunities, made some putts, which is all you're hoping for. And then it certainly took a turn that I had not anticipated. We knew there was wind in the forecast, but I've never really experienced anything like that.

Q. Where were you when it really started to blow??

ZACH JOHNSON: I was in 13 fairway on the Nicklaus. And I hit a good drive there and a par 5, and the discussion with my caddie was, we think it's just a 4-iron, because it will leave us in a good position to if I hit it really good, maybe a 3, certainly get us in position to make a 4. And by the time it was my turn to hit, there was absolutely no way I could have teed up a driver and got it there. So it was one of those type things.

Then the next tee box, I went from a 5-wood to a 3-wood to a 3-iron back to a 3-wood in a matter of two minutes.

So it's just, I've never seen anything like that.

Q. On any course??

ZACH JOHNSON: I mean not that quick and that fierce and that intense in that amount of time.