What they said: Ben Crane

January 21, 2012
PGA TOUR staff

MORE INTERVIEWS: Humana Challenge transcript archive Q. Talking about the situation, what do you make of this whirlwind??

BEN CRANE: Well, it's interesting because being over here at La Quinta, we're a little further away and so the wind is so much more pronounced here than it looks like on TV at PGA West. So it looks like most of just we're getting more of the winds here, and I understand it's fine over there and they could play right now. But once one course stops, we all have to stop. So it looks like if things keep up, then we'll just be playing a few extra holes tomorrow.

Q. When did the wind start to kick up or did it start from the very first tee??

BEN CRANE: No, it was fine until I got to about my ninth hole, the 8th and 9th hole, and then the wind just started to get so gusty. It started blowing up to gusts, I don't know, 40, 50 miles an hour and the balls weren't holding on the green and starting to roll around a little bit, and that's when they normally call it. So they called it shortly after the balls started rolling around on the green.

Q. When was the last time that you've been part of a situation where the wind has been this strong??

BEN CRANE: It seems to happen once or twice a year, you know. And I know it happens here somewhat frequently. So obviously if we were at the Classic Club, we would be in a tougher situation, but it should be fine by tonight and definitely by tomorrow morning.

Q. Is this something you expected today??

BEN CRANE: No, I don't think I don't remember hearing it in the forecast. I heard it was supposed to blow 10 to maybe 20, but it was a little stronger than that today.