What they said: Brendon Todd

January 20, 2012
PGA TOUR staff

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Q. Talk about the round and then you can tell me how much you are liking this area.

BRENDON TODD: Well it was a great round. Again, I played pretty solid tee to green and really feeling very comfortable on the greens out here. The greens were probably the best of the three at La Quinta, just firm and rolling really pure. I got hot on the greens and shot another great round.

Q. What's your strategy heading into the weekend??

BRENDON TODD: Same thing I've been doing for the last couple months. My caddie and I have a really good process on every shot and we try to shoot under par every nine. If you do that you're going to do pretty well.

Q. You won Q-School here. You had your picture in USA Today.

BRENDON TODD: Yeah, I saw that.

Q. So obviously you know these courses. Has that helped you at all??

BRENDON TODD: I think so. On the greens I think it helped, I'm actually putting better this week than I did at Q-School. I'm still putting with a little bit of the influence to Indio there, using that to guide me. And I think the greens were just rolling really pure right now. So I feel pretty comfortable on them.

Q. I also read somewhere too that you like playing in the wind.


Q. And the weather is supposed to be switching up a little is that something that you look forward to??

BRENDON TODD: Definitely. I think so. I think that playing in the wind definitely favors a guy that's striking it well and can save a lot of pars, and those are things I've been doing really well here for the last couple months. So whatever the weather brings, we'll just take that as challenge and do as well as we can.

Q. Did you get a chance to play the Palmer and Nicklaus Courses before??

BRENDON TODD: No, I didn't, no. I just played each one this week on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday. I played them in 2009.

Q. Anything you're doing different between when you were on TOUR in 2009 and coming back here, from a mental approach and physical standpoint??

BRENDON TODD: Just focusing a little bit more on what I can control right now and I think I create a little better game plan for each golf course. I think I'm a little bit more patient and I definitely have a lot more confidence in my game. So those are all good things.

Q. Is there any sort of momentum that you could carry over from Q-School even though it's different courses??

BRENDON TODD: Absolutely. Yeah, because what helped me win Q-School was confidence and hitting the ball where I wanted to hit it and any time you're doing that and you're extending your short game to score and short game is something I had to work really hard on and I think it's starting to pay off now.

Q. Do you like your position going into the last two days??

BRENDON TODD: I'm not sure where I'm at, but 11-under is pretty good so far. I left a couple shots out there, but any time you're playing in perfect conditions you're going to feel that way. So if I can just keep playing my game and capitalize a little bit more I'll be right there.

Q. The history of this tournament is how low can you go. What's it going to take??

BRENDON TODD: I thought if you shot 6-under every round you would be doing awesome, so I still think that's a number that probably won't be beat, 24-under. But if the wind, if it gets any tougher, I'll take anything in the high teens, around 20 will be good.

Q. Do you take a more aggressive approach out here towards trying to make a concerted effort to score birdies than you would otherwise??

BRENDON TODD: You have so many short irons and the par-5s are all reachable so you feel like you should play the par-5s 4-under every time. And I feel like every time I have a wedge in my hand I should have a short birdie putt, but it's obviously not happening every time, but I'm getting close.