What they said: Ryan Moore

January 20, 2012
PGA TOUR staff

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Q. What's your mindset early on that all of a sudden you go crazy??

RYAN MOORE: Really the last thing I remember was being 2-over through three and then I just walked off the 18th hole and I don't really remember anything after that point or in between those two points.

But, no, today obviously didn't start out well or started out doing what I would like to be doing after shooting even yesterday, so really that just kind of maybe in some ways just kind of freed me up. You know you got to go make some birdies and sometimes you try forcing it a little bit. And I just kind of let go and just started playing some golf.

Q. You made eagle, par, then went on a run of six in a row, then made a par, that's a nice little run. Just hitting them fairly close, was anything magic today??

RYAN MOORE: The putter was definitely working. I made a lot of putts in that 10 to 15 foot range. They weren't all those kind of gimmie three, five footers or anything like that. I had a couple of those, but for the most part they were anywhere from 10 to 20 feet that I was making all day.

So I was a little frustrated with how I putted yesterday, and I had another putter in my locker that I kind of, in the back of my mind, so I went and switched yesterday afternoon and came out and putted a little bit. And apparently it was right decision, because I don't know if I ever putted that good in my entire life.

Q. Tony on the bag for the first time this week.

RYAN MOORE: No, we're having a great week, he's a great guy with a ton of experience, obviously, and I thought that would, could really help me take that next jump in my career and start winning a little bit more, so I'm excited to have him on the bag and excited for this year.

Q. Now all of a sudden your mindset changes, you can start looking at the top of the leaderboard instead of the bottom.

RYAN MOORE: Yeah, after 20 holes or so or 21 holes I'm thinking about no chance of making the cut and now all of a sudden I'm back in the mix. So obviously I want to keep doing what I did today, hitting good quality golf shots and making putts. And you can obviously get it going on these golf courses.

Q. Keep not thinking too, that's a good thing. Just stay in the zone.

RYAN MOORE: That's the key, I somehow stayed out of my way all day today and I want to keep that going.