What they said: Chris Kirk

January 07, 2012
PGA TOUR staff

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Q. What happened??

CHRIS KIRK: I guess I just needed somebody to play with.

Q. You didn't have a partner yesterday because Lucas Glover withdrew, and today you felt more comfortable with somebody walking alongside??

CHRIS KIRK: Yeah, it was a little bit tough yesterday. Kind of throws you out of your rhythm being in the middle of the wave of all the twosomes by yourself. You end up waiting a lot and nobody to talk to. It was nice today, felt like you were able to get into a really good rhythm and didn't have to wait at all and was able to play really quick.

Q. At the 5th, your second shot, talk us through your thoughts over the shot.

CHRIS KIRK: Yeah, I had about 220, little left?to?right wind, hitting kind of a cut 4?iron, trying to ride that wind a little bit and it came off just perfect. I didn't realize it was that close to going in. But yeah, that definitely got me kick?started after having a tough day yesterday and had some chances to start the day the first four holes and didn't make any putts, so that definitely got me going.

Q. You've made it to Kapalua. That's one check off of the bucket list. What's next for 2012??

CHRIS KIRK: There's a lot of big goals that I would love to be able to accomplish. You know, getting into the Masters would be a big thing.

Q. Unfortunately that didn't come with your victory.

CHRIS KIRK: Yeah, unfortunately I'm one of the few guys in the field that's not exempt to the Masters. Davis Love has been kind of my mentor and become a very close friend, the Ryder Cup captain this year, so that's a little bit of a far?fetched goal maybe. I would have to have an incredible year to make that team, but that would be the thrill of a lifetime for me if I could.