What they said: Dave Schultz

July 30, 2009
PGA TOUR staff


JOE CHEMYCZ: We welcome Dave Schultz, 4-under par 67. Maybe just some comments about how you played today.

DAVE SCHULTZ: I think I played pretty well. It was really good to get off to a start -- this might sound backwards, but I missed the first couple greens and I hit good chips up there and made a couple putts for par. Going into a golf course like this, you know you're going to have to do that a few times. It's just too good of a golf course that you're not going to hit every green. To get off to that kind of start and then birdie 3 and 4, I was kind of in a good place for the rest of the round.

JOE CHEMYCZ: Set the tone for the day?

DAVE SCHULTZ: Absolutely. A lot of times I'd rather make a tough par putt -- just for me, I know it's great to save a par early in the round. It really gets me going personally.

JOE CHEMYCZ: How far were the par saves?

DAVE SCHULTZ: They were maybe both four feet, but they had a little bend to them. The way they went in, I felt real good over the putter most of the day. I had one hiccup on 16, but other than that it felt good all day.

JOE CHEMYCZ: 16 was a double?

DAVE SCHULTZ: It was, yeah. I might have hit the wrong club from the fairway, and then hit it in the bunker, and once I got up to the green I forgot how to play golf. It was a struggle. The hole just kept shrinking as the strokes kept adding up. Anyway, I made a double.

But the good thing is the next hole is a very solid par-3 and I was able to hit a 4-iron up there close and knock that in to kind of take the sting out of 16.

Q. How much does playing with Scott, and when two guys are playing well, that whole theory of you pull each other along --

DAVE SCHULTZ: Absolutely. That's a big part of it, but also Scott as a person is a great guy. We had a great time out there, and I don't think it would matter what we were shooting, we were going to have a good time.

But yeah, you kind of feed off each other and you see positive shots and see birdies, it definitely helps, yeah.

Q. Scott was talking about how it might have looked at the start of the day that somebody would even go lower than 4, and he thinks that guys probably aren't used to going at flags with 4- and 5-irons in their hands.

DAVE SCHULTZ: Not here, yeah. Last year I actually shot 4-under in the first round, but it was a completely different kind of round as far as attacking the golf course. I hit bouncing pitching wedges in there instead of today you could fly a 6-, 7-iron right at the hole. I think the trade-off with that, though, is it does make the golf course longer. But you can be a little bit more aggressive.

Once you get up near the green, if it's a little softer greens, you're not completely out of the hole if you do short-side yourself. You can still manage a 10-footer for par or something like that.

And with the weather conditions, I think it actually widens the fairways. You don't have as much roll-out, and a shot that might leak into the first cut of rough might hold the fairway now.

Q. So what is the biggest defense that the course still does have when it's playing like this??

DAVE SCHULTZ: Length, absolutely, length. And it's just a solid golf course. It can be any type of condition and it's going to hold up. You know, you're not going to see a guy go low 60s I don't think too often. If a guy gets hot, he gets hot. But it's just a solid golf course from tee to green, and it's really fun to play. It's one of my favorite golf courses out here.

Q. How have you been playing coming in??

DAVE SCHULTZ: It's getting better. I went through a little bit of a struggle for about a month there a little while ago. But I saw a low round last week, and I finished 38th, but the first round I was 7-under and it was good to see a low round and see -- visualize shots and have the ball go where you're looking.

You know, obviously I didn't finish the way I wanted to last week, but it's a long year, and all you can do is keep putting yourself in that position and hopefully improve this week.

Q. A couple guys who have come in here, including Scott, said that it's nice to play on a course where you don't have to shoot 20-under to win or be in contention.


Q. Is this the kind of golf you would prefer to play, or does it suit your game??

DAVE SCHULTZ: I think so. I mean, I would like to think I can shoot 20-under. But I like when par is good. I do like that. On difficult holes you can put yourself in position to make par, and then all of a sudden, wow, I've got 15 feet for birdie, what the heck, why not roll this in, and you almost feel like you picked up a couple shots.

I was able to birdie a couple difficult holes today, so I guess that's kind of the way I look at it. But I love golf courses like this, no doubt. I'm happy to be here. I was 10th alternate to start Monday, so I got a phone call on Tuesday morning that -- I was not expecting to be here this week. So it's all gravy this week for sure.

Q. Did you get a practice round in??

DAVE SCHULTZ: Yeah, we got in the pro-am yesterday afternoon, which was huge, because I got to see how different the golf course is playing this year as opposed to last year. I'm a guy walking around with a smile on his face. I don't care what I'm shooting this week. I'm happy to be here.

Q. Where were you Tuesday when you got the call??

DAVE SCHULTZ: I was back home in Fargo. They told me Monday afternoon that I was the fourth alternate, so everybody was kind of waiting for my phone to ring at 8:30 Tuesday morning. Phone rang, I'm eating breakfast. I said, Mom, shh. I turned off the TV and it was the Tour office telling me I was in the tournament.

So then it was a scramble to get here. It's a good problem to have for sure trying to find a way to Columbus.

Q. Tell me how you found your way to Columbus. How did you get here??

DAVE SCHULTZ: Well, my dad has a Cheyenne, and so usually I fly airlines, but it was just last-minute, and I called the pilot, and he said, "I can go tomorrow morning." I said, "I've got a 1:20 tee time," and he said, "I guess we're leaving at 8:00."

Q. A Cheyenne??

DAVE SCHULTZ: It's a twin turboprop. My dad grew up flying, grew up in -- I grew up with a 172 Cessna, so I just grew up in them. He does a lot of travel between New York City and back in Minnesota. He has it for his travel purposes.

Q. What's he do??

DAVE SCHULTZ: He has a TV show on MSNBC called "The Ed Show."

Q. I'm not familiar with it. What's it about??

DAVE SCHULTZ: It's politics. And then he has a radio show, as well. Easiest way to put it is he's progressive. If you say Rush Limbaugh, he's the other side. He comes to Columbus quite a bit for Town Hall meetings, I believe.

Q. Ed Schultz??

DAVE SCHULTZ: Yep. It was just kind of we were in a bind and we were all excited that I got in, so that was the way I got here. I'm happy to be here, like I said.

Q. So you want to get on the PGA TOUR so you can be as famous as your dad; is that right??

DAVE SCHULTZ: No, I just want to make birdies (laughing).

JOE CHEMYCZ: Thank you.