Nationwide Tour Insider: Get to know rookie Piller

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Martin Piller sucessfully made it through pre-qualifying and all three stages of q-school in 2008.
June 03, 2009
Nationwide Tour Staff

THIS WEEK'S Q&A: Martin Piller is off to a strong start in 2009, finishing second at the Michael Hill New Zealand Open and adding top-10 finishes at the Stonebrae Classic (tied for fourth) and the Moonah Classic (tied for eighth). Piller, a Dallas native, is in his rookie season on the Nationwide Tour (click here to read his blog) after playing the Gateway Tour in 2008 upon graduation from Texas A&M. Piller, who is interested in Christian ministry and enrolling in seminary, recently visited with Laury Livsey of the PGA TOUR's communications department for another edition of "Say What."

Martin Piller

Q. Did you enjoy wearing the uniform at Texas A&M?? PILLER: Absolutely. There's nothing better than putting on the uniform of the maroon and white.

Q. Your favorite A&M football memory?? PILLER: We beat Texas at Kyle Field my senior year. We beat 'em good. And every time I went to Midnight Yell. It was the best.

Q. The tradition is to kiss a woman after a touchdown, right? Did you ever participate? PILLER: No, I couldn't ever get a date. I look back at college with regret because I never kissed anybody at the games. At Midnight Yell, you bring a date and they turn down all the lights at Kyle Field. It's called "mugging down," and you just make out with a girl.

Q. How did you do at "mugging down?" PILLER: No good there, either. All the singles, those without dates, were supposed to bring a lighter, and then you would look for someone else who has a lighter. You would find someone, and then you would have a date for the game.

Q. So what's the problem? How come you never found a girl? PILLER: I don't know. They didn't come to the lighter. Maybe I should have made it a bigger priority.

Q. Who is your favorite Old Testament character?? PILLER: Solomon, for sure.

Q. And what's your favorite Biblical verse?? PILLER: John 3:30. He must become more, and I must become less.

Q. Your mom is a TV producer. So what's your can't-miss TV show each week?? PILLER: The Office

Q. What's your all-time favorite movie?? PILLER: Rudy

Q. Would you perform better on Dancing with the Stars or American Idol? PILLER: I know I'm definitely not a good singer, and I do know how to do the moonwalk, so Dancing with the Stars.

Three things to know about ...
Performance Benefits on the Nationwide Tour
For the first two years of the Tour, the top-5 money winners were awarded PGA TOUR membership. Beginning in 1992, the PGA TOUR Policy Board voted that due to the success graduating players were having on the PGA TOUR, the number of cards available would be increased to 10. In 1997 the number was increased to 15, in 2003 to 20 players and to the current 25 in 2007.

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In addition to The 25, the following are additional performance benefits:

The Leading Money Winner is fully-exempt for the next year on the PGA TOUR and is exempt for THE PLAYERS Championship.

Three-wins in the same calendar year earn a player an immediate promotion to the PGA TOUR for the remainder of the current season and all of the next.

Nos. 26 to 60 on Final Money List are fully exempt the following year on the Nationwide Tour in the event they do not secure their PGA TOUR card via the PGA TOUR Qualifying Tournament.

Nos. 61 to 100 on Final Money List are conditionally exempt for the following year on the Nationwide Tour in the event they do not secure their PGA TOUR card via the PGA TOUR Qualifying Tournament.

Note: Players who finish 26 to 40 on the final Nationwide Tour money list are exempt into the Finals of the PGA TOUR Qualifying Tournament; players who finish 41 to 70 are exempt into the Second Stage of the Qualifying Tournament.

Q. How did you learn the moonwalk?? PILLER: I just taught myself one day. You pick up stuff every now and then, and it's something I picked up.