Interview with Bill Lunde

July 27, 2008
PGA TOUR staff

MARK WILLIAMS: You and Josh obviously a pretty good day out there today, feeding off each other a little bit.

BILL LUNDE: Yeah, Josh got off to a great start and was dragging me along along the way. He's a good guy to play with. I met him years ago playing the Hooters Tour and we've known each other for a while. He's not very serious and pretty laid back so a fun guy to play with, and he plays so fast.

MARK WILLIAMS: He got off to a good start but you had a good run through the middle there.

BILL LUNDE: Yeah, 10 I hit a good drive down the middle and hit kind of a three-quarter 9-iron pin-high to probably ten feet and made the putt.

Had a great save on 11. And then 12, the par 5, good drive down the middle and hit 5-iron pin-high to probably 30 feet and fortunate to make one there; so that was big to make eagle.

The par 3, 13th, hit a three-quarter 8-iron to ten feet again and made it.

MARK WILLIAMS: 7-under par, you should be in the lead or around the lead and in good shape for tomorrow. Any thoughts on how you're going to attack it tomorrow?

BILL LUNDE: I think just the same way I've been playing all week. You can't force things out there. You've got to be patient. Par is a good score on any hole, really. There's a couple par 5s I could take advantage of, but par is not going to hurt you.

And so I think just be patient and let the birdies come to me and not try force it by hitting at pins or anything like that. Just pick my spots and anyone who has a good round out here is going to make 15- to 20-feet putts, so I just think be patient and wait for those putts to fall.

MARK WILLIAMS: Do you feel it's playing less difficult than yesterday.

BILL LUNDE: Yeah, the greens are definitely a little more receptive today. Yesterday afternoon I was playing and I think it's okay as long as it's consistent. A couple shots early in the round today, I was looking for that first big hop and it didn't happen so I was kind of frustrated with that. I was like, you know, if it's going to be hard, make it hard all week. But I know it's hard to keep it the same for the greens and all that and not kill them.

MARK WILLIAMS: When that happens early in the round and you see the way the ball reacts and it reacts differently from the day before, does that get you a little on edge?

BILL LUNDE: No. It's frustrating because a couple of shots I hit I thought were really good and they just didn't take that first hop. Instead of being pin-high I have 40 feet from the back of the green, and I had a couple shots like that. But however it plays, it doesn't really change. Par is a good score and just let the birdies come to you.

Q. Looks like ten guys have a shot at this.

BILL LUNDE: I think that's partly because the golf course is so tough. You're going to have your moments even one round where you're going to play really well and it's not easy to shoot a few under par. You've got to play well.

So I think everyone is playing well and just a few putts here and there that separate, say, me, from the guy who is in 10th place, whatever 10th place is, which is probably a couple shots back.

It's just a fine line. You know it's not a course you're going to go out and shoot a 62 or 63 on unless you've really got it going one way. So I think that's why it's so bunched up.

Q. How will you prepare for tomorrow?

BILL LUNDE: It's the same thing no matter what you're doing because even if you're in 20th or first or 50th, you still want to play good on Sunday and a chance to make a good check with a good round if you're back in the pack or if you're at the top.

Myself, I'll just have lunch now, practice a little bit and go back to the hotel, relax, grab some dinner and come out to the course tomorrow, nothing exciting.

Q. Will you watch your favorite TV show or anything?

BILL LUNDE: No, not really. I'm more of a channel surfer, so find something to watch, catch a movie, nothing in particular.

Q. It has to be exciting, though, playing well, especially under difficult conditions.

BILL LUNDE: Yeah, definitely pleased with how I played the whole week. I think this style of golf fits me very well. I've never won -- not that I can't shoot 30-under, but I prefer the harder golf course where par is a good score.

Q. Have you had the lead on Saturday this year?


Q. When was the last time?

BILL LUNDE: I think 2005. I had a couple chances to win in 2005 when I was out here, but that's the last time because I didn't play golf in 2006 and started playing in 2007 halfway through the year. Probably 2005 was the last time I had I chance to win.

Q. What happened in 2006?

BILL LUNDE: I stopped playing golf all together and went to work for about a year and a half and stumbled back into golf working for a title company, my second job and market wasn't doing good, so looked like I was going to be laid off and I ended up quitting once I heard that. Had a chance to play golf in Vegas on the Butch Harmon Golf Tour and see if it was something I was interested in doing again.

Once I started practicing; without playing golf competitively for a year and a half, I had two months of solid practice every day before I'm even thinking of playing a tournament. Once I started practicing, yeah, I started enjoying it and felt like that's what I should be doing. Whenever I was going to work, it was always find of a funny feeling, funny thing because friends would call me, like what are you doing; I'm sitting in the office and there was laughter, and I'm like, no, you can laugh, it's kind of weird.

Q. Did you work in a golf shop at all?

BILL LUNDE: No, I worked for a PGA event in Las Vegas, a Las Vegas non-profit, and I was doing sales and marketing for them and also worked at a title company.

Q. Talk about what was working the first two rounds and today.

BILL LUNDE: The first day I played well and hit a lot of greens and was patient, kind of the same thing I did yesterday and today.

The big difference between yesterday and today's round, yesterday, the greens were so much firmer, I was having trouble hitting greens. I don't know how many greens I hit but I don't think it was that many. I chipped and putted the ball really well. I chipped it extremely well, just to shoot 1-over par and hang in there, and that's the thing about a golf course like this, even if you just keep getting it up-and-down and hanging in there and hanging in there, sooner or later you're going to make a couple birdies and that's what happened.

Today I got off to a good start and played really well in the middle of the round.

Q. Is there any benefit to taking time off? Do you look at the game differently at all? Bob May was saying that he does.

BILL LUNDE: I know what Bob says, and he had a real love for the game being away from it when he couldn't play.

For me, it was different. Just having a normal life, not traveling, hotel, rental cars, that whole deal. It did make me appreciate it when I came back because I was a guy who was very hard on myself, and if I was going to do it, that's the first thing I was going to have to change. I was going to have to accept bad shots and rounds and missed cuts and all that, and there's no way around it.

If I was going to come back, I had to have that attitude or it wasn't going to work. The game's gotten too competitive and there's so many great players now that anything you can do to give them an edge, it's just -- and you can't be hard on yourself. You can't beat yourself up every week; you have no chance.

MARK WILLIAMS: Thanks, Bill, we appreciate you coming in.