Interview with Stephen Gangluss

July 27, 2008
PGA TOUR staff

Q. Stephen Gangluss, former Ohio State player, you made a great par on 17 out of the bunker and a nifty par on 18. If you could take us through your round.

STEPHEN GANGLUSS: Yeah, I played good. I only made one bogey. I bogeyed No. 6, the par 5, I just missed a short putt really. I hit it a little right off the tee and I hit it fine. I had a good shot in, and didn't quite get there and I 3-putted, but that was the only mistake I made all day really.

I was in the trees a couple of times but I got it up-and-down when I was in there. I just played good. I played solid all day.

Q. Talk about how busy this week has been for you.

STEPHEN GANGLUSS: Yeah, definitely, you've got a lot of fans around this area and family, and all my friends, so it's great and you try to visit everybody, especially since I don't get back that much. I try to visit who I can, and it's nice because it kind of keeps your mind off the golf a little bit so you can just go out and play, but it's been nice.

And Zach, I did help him. He's a great guy and I had a caddie of mine that caddied two weeks ago in West Virginia and I thought he was a good caddie so I hooked him up with him. Obviously it's working so far. It's been great.

Q. Nobody is going to win at 17-under or 20-under; is this more your style, a U.S. Open type?

STEPHEN GANGLUSS: I like it better, I do. I feel like I can play both ways, but I would much rather play this way where you don't feel like you have to make birdies. Par is a good number so you are not constantly feeling like you have to birdie every hole to keep up the pace. I like it better this way, I really do.

Q. Not a ton of cash so far this year but maybe this week a good check for you. You played well at Wichita, will you play this year as well?

STEPHEN GANGLUSS: Well, if I get on a run. I don't have status this year, so I've got to Top-25 every week to get there.

So, we'll see. I'm playing well enough. Today I finally broke through a little bit and it would be nice. I feel like I can play my way on this tour and win out here. It's just a matter of playing consistently like I did today, more, more often. I would love to play Wichita that again because I love that golf course.

Q. Talk about your golf background, did you play in Dublin or Muirfield?

STEPHEN GANGLUSS: When I grew up, actually Ben Curtis and I started together and we played together for years. I moved from Mill Creek to Marysville Golf Club and now back, and that's where I played and I grew up and I would go out there every day and I worked there, and that was it. I played high school there, so that was my home course, Blackstone and Marysville Golf Club.

Q. You got a chance to catch up with Coach Brown this week?

STEPHEN GANGLUSS: Yeah, I got to talk to him. It was great. He's been great to me through the years and all tried to kick me in the butt a little bit and I wish I would have listened to him then and I regret not finishing school now but he always did everything he could for me to get me out there. I just wasn't a good student and that kind of hurt me. But I'm having fun and doing what I want to do now, so it's all the same.