Interview with Josh Broadaway

July 27, 2008
PGA TOUR staff

MARK WILLIAMS: Thanks for coming in, Josh. Bill was in here and he said you had a fun time out here.

JOSH BROADAWAY: We did. I knew him since back in the Hooters Tour days. We had a great type and we both played well, he played really well and got it around and started making some putts. I chipped in a few. He was dragging me a little bit, but it was fun, we had a great time.

MARK WILLIAMS: I noticed you putting left-handed; have you always done that??

JOSH BROADAWAY: Yeah, I played golf right handed and putt left-handed, and I've done that since I was five years old.

MARK WILLIAMS: Unusual to have a reverse grip.

JOSH BROADAWAY: When I was little, I didn't have any left-handed gloves, and from hitting baseball and batting left-handed, it's just the way I gripped it and all I had was right-handed gloves and I went with it. My grandfather taught me how to play the game but he didn't teach me the grip. He said you're going to have switch when you get older. I turned it around cross-handed and plugged it and I'm like, I'm just going with it.

MARK WILLIAMS: How many people a day tell you you should change??

JOSH BROADAWAY: Not many anymore. Not many anymore. When I was growing up, you know, a lot of people would tell me, you're not going to be any good that way. But sometimes it works.

MARK WILLIAMS: Obviously you're now in contention and you've got to be feeling pretty good about that and looking forward to tomorrow.

JOSH BROADAWAY: Absolutely. I've been playing well the last couple months. I think I made nine or ten cuts in a row, been playing really well and had some good finishes. Had a few chances and finished about fourth at the Players Cup a couple weeks ago and bogeyed three of my last five to finish 18th and then last week I shot 64 on Sunday to finish fourth.

I'm playing really well many I'm not going to go out and try to win the golf tournament tomorrow, just hopefully get in the last group and be with Bill again. It will be fun to play with a friend and have a good time. Just go do what I've been doing and if something happens, it happens.

MARK WILLIAMS: Anything clicked for you to spur on this performance??

JOSH BROADAWAY: I feel really at ease. My wife and I, having my second child, and away from them that, was on my mind a little bit. I don't know, I'm just playing golf now. Not really worried about the results or what happens. If I pull off a shot, great; and if I don't, go find it and hit it again and whatever happens, happens. That's kind of the attitude I've had for the guess the last couple months and it's paid off.

Q. Do other TOUR guys talk about the chip??

JOSH BROADAWAY: Yeah, from about 70 yards and in -- I know Scott is pretty good and he started doing that a couple three years ago. This is my fourth full season I guess so pretty much everybody has seen me do it before, so they poke fun at me. Guys try it on the range and they pop it and shank it and stuff like that. That's pretty much all I say about it.

Q. What's it going to be like with you and Bill paired? You're buddies, a lot of laughs today, but money is on the table tomorrow.

JOSH BROADAWAY: You know, everybody will still be the same thing. Nobody -- we're going to go out and have fun. Nobody is going to get hurt if we don't play good, so it will be great.

You know, we talk and we do our thing, and it will be the same thing tomorrow, maybe the last two or three holes it might get a Lyle quiet if we're battling it out. Bill is a great guy and I have fun playing with him.

Q. Have you always played fast --

JOSH BROADAWAY: I've always played that way. I played that time -- I actually slowed down out here. I used to be even faster, but my caddie, JD, does a great job, he slows me down and out here we get some lengthy rounds, so you have to slow down. You don't want to get ahead of yourself. And I used to sprint up to my ball almost and then stand there and wait ten minutes before I hit a shot, so I've learned to just kind of take it easy and slow down everything, my process of hitting, getting to the ball and everything. It helps and I'm still probably one of the fastest out here.

Q. What do you think about all of these guys in contention on a tough course like this?

JOSH BROADAWAY: There's a lot of guys up there, but there's not as many as usual on this tour. Usually on this tour, you're playing a golf course where somebody could shoot 61 or 62 like last week and this week, the greens are probably going to be baked out tomorrow or worse.

5-under I think is the lowest round this week, I think Blake Adams shot it, and myself, and you know, it will be hard to -- you can always do it but it will be hard to say somebody could shoot 64 or 65, with the greens as firm as they are.

Maybe a guy goes out early in the morning may have a shot. But I guess from 1-under to 6- or 7-under, they are going to be teeing off at ten o'clock or so and it's going to be tough to shoot a low round. You'll have to hole a lot of putts. They will have the pins tucked and you can't go at a lot of pins.

It's a good week for out here because a lot of times, you have to maybe a ton of birdies and tomorrow, Bill could go out and shoot even par and win the golf tournament. Depends on what happens. I could shoot even par and win the golf tournament. You just never know. Or it could be 10-under to win. But I wouldn't think so.

MARK WILLIAMS: We talked to a lot of guys and the comparison between last week where it's a birdie-fest, and this week where it's completely different and everybody that's been in here has said they prefer this kind of golf.

JOSH BROADAWAY: Yeah, a lot of the courses you play, you can get away with a lot more shots, and it's a lot softer. You may not hit it as solid as you like, or come in here and see how soft the greens are. This week you're trying to hit at a pin, you'll probably play a 5- or 10-yard little hop or if you miss it a little bit or thin it, it may bounce 30 yards. It could do anything.

You know, last week, it's pretty much a putting contest and you've got everybody hitting it between five to 20 feet pretty much every hole, just depends on who can hole the most putts. Out here you have to drive it in the fairway and you have to hit smart shots, so definitely the guy who wins this week will definitely probably play the best all-around golf I would say.

MARK WILLIAMS: Thanks for coming in, Josh. Good luck tomorrow.