What they said: Peter Tomasulo's transcript

July 25, 2008
PGA TOUR staff

MARK WILLIAMS: Good playing today, 4-under par 67, you had a chance on the last from four or five feet, disappointing to miss that, I bet.

PETER TOMASULO: Yeah, just tricky outside the left. I didn't get committed to the line really.

MARK WILLIAMS: Overall pretty good day. What did you excel at; putting??

TOMASULO: I hit it really well today. I hit it on the fringe about 60, 70 feet away on 1 and then I think I hit rest of the greens. Played really solid.

MARK WILLIAMS: Did you 3-putt from the fringe??

TOMASULO: Yeah, it was way on the back. I hit my tee shot in the left trees and then punched it to the back of the green. Other than that, I really hit it solid today.

Q. Just looking over your record in the media guide, it looks like you're kind of building to this point in your career. I saw where you won early; right??

TOMASULO: Yeah, my first year out of college I won out here on a sponsor exemption.

And then I played pretty well that year, and then last two seasons have been a bit frustrating but my game feels like it's really progressing this year. Feels better than it ever has, and feel like I'm really playing solid right now, smart golf, and taking my chances when I can and going at pins when I can. Played really safe and solid today.

Q. To what would you attribute your improved play after these past two frustrating years??

TOMASULO: I don't know, I've been working hard at it. I never stopped working hard last two years, but I don't know, I'm learning a lot out here. Staying a little more patient and staying with my routine and trying not to get too down on myself.

I don't know, it's a frustrating game, and when things go sour, it's easy to get frustrated and down on yourself. This year, I've been doing a better job of it.

MARK WILLIAMS: Seems like you've gained more consistency, particularly in the last two or three months with three Top-10s and moved your way up there. What do you credit that to??

TOMASULO: I just feel like I'm playing good golf. I'm staying out of my way I feel like. I'm just picking my spots and hitting good shots. I just really feel comfortable with my golf swing right now and it seems to be working.

Q. A couple of the guys mentioned that the greens played much firmer today.

TOMASULO: Yeah, for us, I thought they were firmer yesterday afternoon. It was windy and some of those downwind shots, you couldn't stop them. It's always a little softer in the mornings, and so they will get baked out again this afternoon. I'm sure the wind will pick up a little bit like it did yesterday. The course just played tough. The greens get firm no matter what.

MARK WILLIAMS: Is your expectation now being here after the morning session at 5-under, do you feel comfortable maybe expecting to be in the lead??

TOMASULO: I didn't see how many guys shot four in the morning yesterday.

MARK WILLIAMS: There were four.

TOMASULO: They are going to have play well today to be ahead of me but they can do it. I know Bryce was up there and Kelly Grunewald, and Bill Lunde, all those guys, they are all good players. They can shoot a few under this afternoon.

But 5-under is a good spot to be going into the weekend. Whether it's leading or not, I don't know, but I'm happy to be there and wish I had gotten to six on the last hole but feel like I'm in a pretty good spot.

Q. Kelly said yesterday that he prefers a tough course like this rather than a birdie-fest. Does that fit in with your thinking, too??

TOMASULO: No doubt. We played Springfield last week and that's just a birdie-fest. Greens are really soft and close to really generous off the tee. You can hit it anywhere and hit your wedge on the green.

I for some reason don't have a real good history of playing well at courses like that. I think I get frustrated when I'm not making a bunch of birdies. I think I shot like 12-under last week and finished 33rd place or something like that. The course, if you don't get off to a great start, you feel like it's really hard to make up any ground.

I like a course like this where if you play well, you get rewarded, and even if you make the cut on the number, you can put up good rounds on the morning on the weekends.

MARK WILLIAMS: Let's go through your card. You said you 3-putted 60 feet.

TOMASULO: Maybe even more than that. I punched it through to the back of the green on the edge.

On the second hole I hit 7-iron about ten feet probably.

Birdie on 7. I hit a gap wedge in there to probably ten feet.

11, I hit an 8-iron to about three feet there.

12, I laid up and I hit a wedge to about probably three feet again, maybe four feet.

15, I hit a 9-iron in there probably 18, 20 feet left of the hole. Made a nice one there.

Q. 18?? TOMASULO: I hit it probably five feet past the hole. That was probably my best iron shot all day actually. I had a good number to get aggressive with the wind into it, but I knew it would stop a little bit if I hit my 6-iron up there high, hit it in there like five feet, and just didn't really get comfortable with the putt. It looked like it could have been inside left edge, outside left edge and I hit it on the edge and just lost speed a little bit.

MARK WILLIAMS: Thanks, Peter.