How to become a new Nationwide Tour member

January 17, 2007
PGA TOUR staff

There are several ways to become a Nationwide Tour member or otherwise become eligible to compete in Nationwide Tour events (subject to Nationwide Tour Regulations).


1. Finish within the top 80 and ties at the annual Qualifying Tournament (top 30 receive their PGA TOUR cards.) The next Number Nearest 50 receive exempt Nationwide Tour cards. Both are eligible to play in Nationwide Tour events.

2. Win an official Nationwide Tour event.

3. Finish 26-60 on prior year Nationwide Tour money list.


1. Additional qualifiers from the annual Qualifying Tournament.

2. Be one of the 14 Open Qualifiers.

3. Be one of the four Sponsor Selections.


A. Top 25 Money winners earn exempt membership status on the PGA TOUR for the next year.

B. Finishers 26-40 are exempted into the Finals of the National Qualifying Tournament and are also exempt Nationwide Tour members for the following year. NOTE: Finishers 26-60 on prior year Nationwide Tour Money List are fully exempt.

C. Finishers 41-70 are exempted into the Second Stage of the National Qualifying Tournament.

D. Nationwide Tour Tournament Winners are fully exempt for the remainder of the year and the following year.


An Open Qualifying competition of 18 holes will be held Monday (NOTE: When holidays fall on Monday, Tuesday may apply as noted) of Tournament Week from which the maximum of fourteen scores will gain entry into the Tournament.

Eligible players are amateurs with USGA handicaps of two (2) strokes or less and all professionals, with no limit as to the number of attempts to qualify.

The competition is scheduled and conducted by the PGA Section located in the territory of the Nationwide Tour event. Please refer to the enclosed contact list for requesting information pertinent to the competition.

Entry fee for the competition is $350.00 payable to the PGA Section. (NOTE: The section may also require payment of an administrative fee of not more than $25.00.) If you are successful in winning one of the spots to play in the Tournament, your entry fee will be paid by the section.

We hope this information will be helpful to you. If there are any questions, please contact the Competition Department of the PGA TOUR, 904/285-3700.